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Welcome to Server 6 Athena

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Welcome to Server 6 Athena

Here on our newest server we will all be tested. You will get the chance to prove yourselves as the best players .Can you complete Athena’s Tests ? Will your alliance rise or fall ? Will you conquer or BE conquered ?In the coming week’s our new server will challenge and tempt you. Events from both Lekool’s Team and developers will entice you, keep you up late hours and pull you into the fun and mystery that is Call of God’s.

To bid you welcome to server 6, we at Lekool have decided to make it a tournament server; with top prizes and more then a few challenges for our players. Athena has been chosen as our patron Goddess to guide our heroes and help you achieve your goals.Most events will be solely dedicated to her, others more fun for all players.

So what sort of events do we have planned ?....

In arena we need our best heroes and warriors for our God's of Arena event.Which will reward our players for their hard work and strategy with not just arena goodies but prizes for proving your skills each week during event.As well as winning in arena our hero’s are going to need armor .In
Power of Auras Event  You will need to find and make complete sets of armor ,creating a “aura” and then prove your skill in dungeon.

Athena is goddess of arts, crafts, skill and invention.These skills will be  required in our new  Artisans of Athena
event, aptly named as you will need to find, collect and transmute to achieve the prizes.

Next our lovely goddess Athena is goddess of learning and literature. We will have our  
Wealth of Knowledge
event in which you will have to brave the dungeons,  zombies and all aspects of Call Of God’s to find each of the needed skill books.

Last and possibly the hardest of all the events dedicated to our goddess is
Athena's test. A list of goals you MUST meet in order to win lavish rewards. Some are easy , some are long term goals for our players who want to prove they are the best.The reward’s for passing all of Athena’s test are well worth the efforts, and hours you will spend enjoying our game.We are happy to welcome you all to our new server.Let the fun begin !!

Basic Rules for all events
These rules will apply to all server 6 events,any other rules needed will be posted with each event to help make it as clear as possible.

1.IGN (in game name) and server are required with a full screen shot  for some of the events, any not properly posted will not counts ,at discretion of GM and Admin.

2.All TOS must be abided by no exceptions
3.The use of multi accounts or account-sharing will result in all accounts associated to them

being disqualified,no exception will be made,and further as multi accounts are not allowed they may be banned.
4.If there are any disputes, in game, the final ruling shall be determined by the staff.
5.Please remember to play fairly. Any disrespect to staff or other players will not be tolerated. Remember it is a game and we are all here to have fun. Any questions PLEASE ask for GM_SweetSusie or a GH (game helper) .There's never a silly question if you learn

Dates for events:
God's of Arena -December 1st 00:00 -December 22nd 23:59
Artisans of Athena -December  2rd 00:00 to December 30th 23:59
Power of Auras -November 26th 00:00 -December 17th 23:59
Wealth of Knowledge -December 10th 00:00 -December 17th 23:59
Athena's Test-November 26th 00:00 -January 6th 23:59

Please also check the [Event] Welcome to Cog S6 "Athena" Launch Events and  Tourney Prizes    links for more awesome events

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Kool great work getting stuff ready


Good events lets see who wins !!



new killer s1-s5 =)
CoG Server 3 - G.O.

СoG s11 play.


new killer s1-s5 =)
antroo Post at 11-25-2012 22:11

Zero @Vulcan


nice events...let the battle began


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