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[News] EDragon Open Beta

Dear Players,9 ~4 H7 B3 O4 {+ ^# j- B

: b& }# z9 @$ D+ nWe are glad to announce the Open Beta Launch of our Newest Online MMORPG EDragon. The CB time will end at 7:30 PM  23rd June 2011 and OB launch on 26th June 2011 at 7:30 PM PST+ `, k1 d/ _* g8 W0 s4 x' I

8 v; F* r' z0 K1 w; V8 YEDragon is a free browser MMORPG set in a fantasy world and with six different races confronting each other: Caster, Asssassin, Vagrant, Saber, Berserker and Knight.Choose and customize your hero and enter in numerous quests, including PvP and PvE. Combat is turn-based and requires gamers to use their tactics in the best possible way.
: A8 D9 Q( I$ ]  c4 V5 \! x) }6 p5 a! t- b6 i+ Y9 q/ C+ F( }$ C
Eye-popping graphics,fierce combat system can demonstrate the population of this game .EDragon has many of the features found in traditional MMORPGs including quests, stores, guilds, trade, and PvP.5 e$ N; d- ~  F" c) _! u% _

: M, ^3 l# p8 S" Q) y3 gDont Forget to Join the mystical adventure on 26th June 2011 at 7:30 PM PST
2 M/ s3 Z4 l/ o) \; z5 k( a; i1 M( l4 J( l) P4 Z* L0 I
Thanks$ `5 W7 `+ Y: l1 q% B
lekool team
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can not wait the OB time any more ``````


Reply 2# GM_Simeny
( v, \+ O6 X$ V$ R- F
' E  c  C# N% b, ^- kLuckily the guild you made will disappear # u" ~: r& w$ W

( m( o# Y8 \: D- l) p% sLooking forward to this OB too.


same, can't wait
Musashi - WarFlow
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GM_Zaraki - eDragon Veteran/GM


I tried this game. I just can't get into killing over sized spiders.
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I'm having a problem with this game.  When I go to attack something, it freezes and really lags up the computer something fierce.  Is it just me?


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