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[News]lekool Warflow Server 2 launch

Lekool, publishers for the military-based MMORTS, Warflow, has announced the launch of their newest server (Server 2), Revelation.  The second server is to be launch on March 28, 2011 at 7:30 PM (PST).  WarFlow joins LeKool’s other browser-based MMOs that include some of the Top Voted  browser based  Games  in 2010 like Caesary, Lords of Ages. Some of best RPG games like Dragon’s Call, Fantasy of Swords, legends of xian and  Business Simulation games like Business Tycoon Online.
8 f( w+ z% o1 C8 `! `& F* gWarFlow is a RTS war game where you can command your forces and team up with your friends in the Legion to give enemies a bloodbath, and seize their farms and mines. WarFlow is a browser-based real-time strategy game that includes many traditional MMORTS features, including resource management, city building, a hero system, and battle against other players and NPC warlords. It provides a comprehensive solution for heroism, leadership and espirt de corps. During the wars with NPC warlords, gamers will be able to enjoy conquering the toughest battles. Meanwhile in the Legionary battles, gamers have to work together to fight for their common interest and common honor. * C" L3 N  ~0 }8 I0 Y
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  Xian Hu, Director of Operations, expressed his thoughts saying            “WarFlow is a unique MMORTS in the sense that it has got a great balance between the NPC and PVP battles. It’s an excellent game and all who play seem to have fallen in love with WarFlow.  The new server always gives an equal chance to all the players; it’s a fresh start for everyone. Many players wanted to test the varied hero types and new stratergy.  We have made a few updates to the game to make it more exciting and fun. To know the updates, you will have to play the new server!”  
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Players who join WarFlow have an incentive to accomplish: become part of the top 5 players on the server to earn $100 every week!
! F7 ?# g% ?) C3 {+ oFor more information, you can go to or check out WarFlow at Q# w9 g/ |2 E& |  R2 }

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anf thats tomorrrow right?


Hi today is 28th March, so it will be later today


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