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Vote for the Best lekool Players! Weekly Cash Award Event!

Dear Lekool Players,
! r5 i; [. V' N' P; `  l3 E# ~
! {6 l" _" ?9 {As promised, here is an exciting event to show to the world that you are the best players from lekool games and win some nice rewards!  EVERY WEEK, We will give away $100 cash or gold equivalent (your choice) to one lucky top lekool player selected from all of our games. We selected those who are in top 5 ranking to qualify. Then we will have players to vote for their choice.  We encourage players to vote for the players recognized for superior skills in game and decent character!
9 S  ~% o) s# d0 ^1 B5 `
/ z+ D3 a2 P, I7 yAnd the Reward will be given every week until cancellation! It’s the time for you to shine and be rewarded for your excellence!!!  Cheers! Please tell your league mates and your gaming buddies outside lekool to come to participate. Everyweek, we will have a different theme. It may be the fastest grower, the most feared player, the most respected player, the funniest player, etc. We want to make your gaming here rewarding to you. 3 S7 W5 n, X# D* G9 n

5 W$ B4 B% H2 Y# oWe will post the link on Lekool Space for you to vote! Thanks in advance for all of your participation!
( r0 ]+ H9 f, v2 s8 d- `% T
3 w: O! U4 y" y; D7 B' {The nominees for the 1st week are:
+ z6 e6 u8 `- Y9 H! e, G
% R9 f2 j- ~, o6 b$ fCaesary:
1 o. W3 [8 m) ], i. x6 ]; s! o. g6 X! F. d. ^9 D
Caesary S1/2:  Rebels, Champ, El_Arees, AirJORDAN, MZ
% `4 S  U  [9 R8 x1 ?% A9 y: S& z9 ?
Caesary S3/4: mr.predo, penjuditobat, atlantis, bent, arungpalaka
  O0 k! {+ G5 W0 }5 e. e  [  K: T/ W, T' k9 z
Caesary S5: Lucky, DeepFreeze, Jägermeister, Plig, Tatanka
4 ~4 }4 D1 R; Q. g/ f$ t* |# N
% e! B4 @9 P( |! w- L; Y0 |Caesary S6: Shal’nar, Cela, Etcetera, Paulbearer, cromat# c. j5 p% L1 f4 N9 F8 I1 l% N

% ]/ U+ V6 r- v1 tDragon’s Call S1: eNNo, HoangTevez, vipken, [GH]Tachibana. TaK3N, l* H4 P2 o$ }0 W% M

: a9 ~" X' t5 rDragon’s Call S2: 1. KyKy 2. aadaamacy 3. xCqx 4. wu1312 5. Ankayra- r/ \! x1 d8 Q, \  L$ Q
- t0 [3 d+ k& f6 Q' G5 g. E7 U
Legends of Xian: FX2, JayLou, Xer0ne, Shade, and GeiL (We can include more nominations, this one is hard, so many rankings. lol)
$ Y! k: }) e. t  u. a5 p7 S5 q' F1 Q7 N
Warflow: Rodello, MarcusShin, Lokhagos, Shadeofnight, Ruciphel5 o. n- w6 N; T* K% R) z

4 L) x" A2 L0 V/ ]# g' eLord Of Ages: Selina, LuLu, Katie, GMCherie, Diablo: d! |4 Q& ~. {, W. A' {% L: w- t$ A

; Z& S7 e' ?$ s. E7 YBusiness Tycoon Online: Josh2010, Leale, Cherie, Gurudev, TKOOL$ J2 u, f) O: j% c" |! i

' T4 l6 J# y6 ~! o/ Z2 sFOS:  (Close Beta, No Winners Yet)
; D4 v& @- [' ?7 H' n7 y- f) U# g* g# r# {0 ^! S
Please vote here:
. k* P  \$ U4 o: z' @4 ? ... do=poll&pid=168 (Part 1)3 q' x$ ]" C! a: m. [+ B
' x- M$ C0 x% |, n. {+ ?& o ... do=poll&pid=169 (Part 2)
* z! h4 P$ U: F5 T- _; s3 y" t& t* y1 ]0 t& g+ z ... do=poll&pid=170 (Part 3)
7 ^. ^1 E: q5 M9 a+ T1 \% x/ n9 M+ Q- Y! T4 ?" G- I

* @/ J7 }- p- N$ aNews Link: ... lekool-top-players/) E" {& P5 e: i
0 k1 G% d( F0 f
4 f8 M9 ^/ y+ s- C
Notes :' L: v* _6 u# J! i$ J/ \+ a
-- Please make a choice carefully if you do not want Cash, The prize is either Cash or Ingame Gold worth the cash amount. Please Specify the server and IGN Clearly in you want Ingame Gold instead of cash." Y4 u/ C& |$ s, U5 e; W/ ~. P' t  ^
-- Once selected and decided the prize will not be exchanged7 f  n. h  w  k6 g& Q% r4 g
-- For Cash claim, the player will need to fulfill some conditions
& e9 J- u9 O$ k1 ^0 D-- cash Prizes will only be delivered to player, we will need Player to mail us some details from the registered mail to or, to prevent any fraud or unauthorized transactions using the player account/ G8 a% ~. q  N3 A
-- any other request will depend on the admins/owners of lekool, we do not guarantee that we will entertain custom requests ( Custom requests like ingame items, Delivery of cash to 3rd party or paying any 3rd party on winners behalf).% Q4 G  j5 X* D; Z4 r8 Z
-- Ingame Gold or cash Prize may take some time to deliver. (upto 72 hours, Ie 3 days), so we request that players be patient.
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What about the players that are not top rank there are players on S5 that dont play anymore or they have not been seen since the end of the contest. these are the top ranked players mentioned above do they still play? from what I have noticed or been told they have quit.
Thank you,

Caesery Lekool Servers


Reply 4# War_Dog ) g  @. j. \4 m% {
, t$ A' j0 D% L! a, `

( S; Q. ~3 M, v    Hmm, wardog, good point! We can remove those who are no longer playing. Please let us know who are not active any more. We can remove them. Thanks


top 5 ranking) |3 i8 b# }1 n1 X0 E; I
arent they will be there every week!2 \2 m& ^2 ]% e% H
is this fair to the rest of us?1 L: E3 s2 w3 Y/ H1 Z, Y! _8 A  A
And they will be sure to get the reward- ?0 u9 H5 P5 \1 C; e+ t' D

: g% w* x8 J1 F+ L3 I1 y" _  LOne of the important fact is that they need to play during first few days of server opening


i vote for jagermiester


I vote for Ankayra from S2 Dragon Call.5 b* g/ U8 |; G# L& U


why am I not on there! I'm like the best host in the world! and my character is awesome just as long as you don't get on my bad side.
$ z0 l1 @# ~4 b* ]5 U( J: r. D
: E. {7 t, }3 U# U0 W4 N7 y0 |+ VKetelONe# R2 [+ R, s. W4 D8 P! w* P
No Better Friend — No Worse Enemy


^ J/K ... anyway, Jager better get most votes for S5 or AA is gonna colo every league.
6 o; `6 ^0 r0 r- P- |7 }/ K: m. o3 O% o
No Better Friend — No Worse Enemy


lame vote


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