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[Event] Post Review to Win Gold!!

Do you want to win some in game gold?
' E- J% G) t2 f& K
' E) L$ k' I% z% u* n8 GWell we think you do!: i4 k- @5 ]$ d5 X0 Y
“How” I hear you shout.5 G; f, T0 q- a# l$ V
Well this could not get much easier to do!& S, q' R% }2 z

% f) P- a% S/ H! W$ l4 ^Post a review, strategy or experience of your favorite Lekool games on other high traffic websites, Forums, Blogs or Facebook/Twitter.$ H9 B2 t6 k- e* ^0 v( @; U# P
Post more than one review for different games and you could win in game gold for them all.
' W. |- f$ w5 |3 [  U4 `; y# s" k- I9 e5 f0 K* \* d
The best 5 reviews/Game Strategy/Guide for each game will win 300 Gold to aid your advancement in game.
0 b3 U5 l, }8 Z" gNow that sounds good!0 `2 m" M3 [. E% i

' ~. ^  V5 |  D* {$ yEvent Date :5 r' x7 ]. K  m% {, @$ O% ^, w
From 17th Feb 2011 to 5th March 2011" o. G) p, v; n: ~1 T& a) D
9 e2 X) E- k3 w0 `/ |7 u& k
Post the link to your review below with your IGN, game, Server and screenshot of the review (Please make sure you have the details inorder to get the rewards).$ J  ?3 A/ m5 u2 |& T9 R3 j
We will look at them all and decide the winners.
* D+ S8 P$ S+ `" ~8 E4 N- c" a- ^                                                                    So what are you waiting for, get writing!!!!4 \% q; ^' q  r1 R- H6 H

# {" R7 [' B4 P4 _- k8 b
3 Y5 b0 d: E/ S# z! YNotes :- }0 y' C9 w) M& R! Y8 P
1)        You can get rewards for all the games you prefer, all reviews fetch a reward.1 @+ S5 D! J6 Y9 ~, n1 c) l
The reviews should be different to qualify for the rewards, if you copy and paste same review on multiple places it will be counted as 1 review only: H  j3 \2 \( b4 h1 o- Q' e/ @  f
( {) h5 \4 {. w! t8 n
2)        Your review should contain the lekool link ( and the game link you reviewed/promoted always, if the reviews don’t have the correct links you will not be qualified for the rewards. The direct links to include in your review are below.' S% t) p3 v# _+ Y9 |
www.lekool.com2 |" s7 g1 e; s" N3 f" N0 I2 A; q* y6 H8 x: m
7 m- F6 _) W  }. n, C
' j7 K, S2 ~# v% Z
3 ?2 o& z4 v/ j1 _9 s% w
3 P. q' b$ O! c" M9 U- h
. g* I1 C: J& K7 t( X: o3)        All Players who make an effort will be awarded with the following
' G6 F) K1 j, }  kCaesary : 100 Gold" w4 V. q0 z* W" O6 x
DC : 100 Dragon Stone1 q* r+ n! ~3 f" I
LOX  : 100 Gold
3 D& V7 l0 ]$ k3 u8 D5 EBTO : 150 Gratis Gold
$ C" d4 {) _8 U# }* v, a& }WarFlow : 100 Gold
& x; c+ S0 C! {1 v% q  a7 z8 I3 V1 I, {- A3 v
4)  Please do make reviews/Guides detailed and with as many pictures as possible- T8 |- j" S7 s- l3 @1 b( L
/ j3 d% a- f3 B; Z
5)  The reviews should be minimum 200 words and should be in your own words on other sites, Please do not only write lekool is great and come play, make sure that others know about the game and understand what the game is about.
3 g) O& S( ?7 j
0 f* p! |2 h# M' O2 d' I  T5 W+ q- E: W6) to win you must post a screenshot of review, the Link of review. Please add keywords or Tags if possible& G8 j; w+ t: Z. \( K
+ S0 D  G, j: X$ t! c
7)  A review/Guide should contain Screenshots of game (compulsory), S9 g& R* ^2 I( |8 f
- C9 W  p2 F: U$ t# ?
8) All rewards will be handed out 7 days after the event is over ! s5 @* o: K0 I% s
- y  `3 l4 n1 b- d, P
1 J' p7 \9 r! a% A) q+ blekool team
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Edit : the date is wrong it should be 17th Feb to 5th March
+ x% ]4 i+ Q+ q2 t, n4 C1 osorry about that!!


TOP ... _id=1526952047865948 y. G; U3 E" f# L' [
IGN:Hiroshi4 a  p7 A8 @) _2 q( X: c1 v$ f
State: Yongle

TOP ... _id=152695204786594
+ q) Q6 a- {% Q6 j/ P: W7 H. |IGN:Hiroshi. c: q/ \; N5 y7 J0 f9 b) k( t$ z- ^
State: Yongle


I can't give the link because it will not open as i have posted it in facebook so i am giving screen shots and hope that this will work for me and you
" X2 N1 O! C( s0 K
8 u; X: H7 @, x, M9 zThanks7 C  ~8 P* P3 D/ ?* J, Z2 o
- E. |) [- f- ~) s

7 D9 U' w1 k4 X$ e6 K( D6 U. ?) Y/ S- {0 S( b2 S  T
& C% b. B* j$ d& B+ v$ T& [

$ X0 e" o5 Z4 N" m3 O

TOP Y, B/ G" n0 \0 V$ U

' [, |4 J' ~# t0 ?# Z5 Y( rIGN: Zaafir
% ~$ ]+ `$ q# P+ G0 X* HCaesary Game) |( y* b7 G0 \' P/ _3 Z: j
Server 1


srry cant post screenshot! so trying only to write the guide!! :-(


This looks promising. I may have to try later.....


0 ]0 Z  S: t1 E3 O% [  E6 L, j7 isome things as getting hippodamian plans and codes of draco make this game very boring
" S5 M; ]" i8 X8 K0 M. FI see two ways as can deal this problem:
* i! c3 X. }) [+ t9 C. A1. upgrades must valid for all cities, if you upgrade one (example, if I upgrade rectorale 11 lv, it's must not need codes of draco to other cities)
5 m- a, \; ]4 T6 c2 d0 A) U: F2. Items market (for example I have 40000 Lumber Pack worth xx gold, but do not need it, but I need code of draco. Need make exchanger, which could change to another item equivalent  to the value of gold  )
) F, t* s8 M" z; d' Y: dThanks


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