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Server Maintenance Notice

Dear all, we have been notified by a server maintenance by our hosting company.# X2 I5 U! L$ q) }

; n! R! k, v0 Y4 P; |1 d8 t1 uDate: Sunday, March 6, 2011 (03/06/2011)
: o. F/ S* ^  K6 zStart Time: 12:00 AM CST" v  k9 d/ D9 ?* h) r" k2 |
End Time: 05:00 AM CST
: x  o& y0 v2 y# XServices affected: Private Network Services
- |5 p% ?; R0 Y' h; q/ l1 wLocation: DAL01
* U4 F# a/ C, Y* q/ K) }Duration: 5 hours
4 t2 O! I0 l( `* l
3 L, _! o1 O2 \+ m8 Y' Y==================================================" g2 g& n$ g6 A. ^/ z& v+ T# d" W
Data center will be performing maintenance on MBR01.DAL01 (Master Backend Router) in a continued effort to maintain router functionality, performance, and add additional feature sets. During this maintenance, Engineers will be augmenting the current MBR01.DAL01 router with a redundant pair. This maintenance is scheduled to start at 12:00 AM CST until 5:00 AM CST on March 6th, 2011 (3/6/2011). While no BCR routers on the private network are scheduled for maintenance, they will be directly impacted by this maintenance as private connectivity between BCR routers will be lost.# r) m5 E% X! Z
! L2 u$ y& P4 h7 B2 {9 ?* \
Devices being directly changed during maintenance:
. ^1 j& V6 `( b$ Z& h7 u+ L$ F3 d) j$ A  {! C
- MBR01.DAL01* ]5 V  f$ b0 z: Q( Y: l/ {% \
, _+ l$ ~! m3 O2 \' l. E* w7 w. P
This maintenance may impact the following services:
4 {$ ~+ V! f+ Y8 c! V0 n6 A& Z5 }( {; a3 P
- DNS Resolution: q( k0 X  _2 J7 n) q
- OS Updates
8 v$ C  W' b6 j, X0 X- Security Updates
5 d# ~! |2 b4 `0 V3 g/ D- NAS
# J8 |5 o1 O6 d- iSCSI& @/ h2 H) W% f. v
- eVault
; `3 ~& f+ g% L( }$ j- IPSEC VPN0 Y3 a$ f% }( d0 R
8 z3 p0 o% s* B& s( ]% p- PPTPVPN5 |/ {# Q8 w1 e7 O/ M+ q
- IPMI Control
. j* u; b/ \& g: L3 P! k; u- p4 {- Server Power Strip Control
: y; }! _+ V* s, W% }- Server to Server Communication (Private Network)
% j' F" B5 P# p. ~+ e$ B
: `7 o) p, _, N0 c7 _0 r5 V, w5 s- f' LConnectivity from other remote datacenters will also be impacted. Customers are advised to disconnect any NAS and/or iSCSI mounts prior to this maintenance starting as a sudden loss of connectivity could potentially cause file system corruption and loss of data. Again, all customers on BCR01.DAL01, BCR02.DAL01, BCR03.DAL01, BCR04.DAL01, and BCR05.DAL01 will be directly impacted by the maintenance performed on MBR01.DAL01.
5 K8 a+ i( Y, U7 `; I1 P2 L$ O) s* i
- `. ?! J6 G# f) E9 q==================================================3 o& H' l9 I) P  ~6 H1 _. P. w

# p' Y& Q8 u/ q: t5 `You may experience some connectivity issues during this period, though we didn't anticipate major issues. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please bear us and email us at if you continue to have problems for an extended period of time.
$ J5 c: `. R+ G6 [' |7 v, c8 o! C
% n. ]( N$ G1 B- {4 z4 M2 j1 n) YWe appreciate your patience during this work and welcome any feedback.
; j0 K- \5 I! J/ Y6 S1 h5 z! h# e  }* S8 K4 N
Thank you,
4 W) N+ v7 {/ J$ x6 cLekool Team
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