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[Event] Be My Valentine

Dear All,
: H  U& Q: E  U# N8 G4 h8 E- m/ n+ I4 g
Nothing says “I Love You” like a beautiful self made Valentine ’s Day e-card for your loved ones .Feel the love in the air, this valentines and confess your love to lekoolgames
. \' y8 ]2 P) f  WTo Participate in this event, just create a e-card (Picture jepg,gif etc) and write your love message on it and post it in this thread as a reply, winners get amazing rewards on the game of their choice
# k4 n- \3 k! b& Z  s. S
+ G1 w3 h6 D0 n) |; sEvent Date :
  [. U$ I5 u  h) X  C# x8 r& sFrom 13th Feb 2011 10 AM PST to 19th Feb 2011 20:00 PST. Rewards will be handed out within 48 hours after the event ends.
2 Z( ]8 t2 C8 Q. B# O
0 ?: |4 t/ c% S* i6 [7 LRewards :
% p" E; b  q6 P' F# vTop 5 get 150 Gold each in the game & server of their choice) C9 L% h, t/ S  W0 @$ J
Ranked 5 to 15 get 100 Gold each in the game of their choice
7 A: T  b# T" W* b4 s  a: [) w1 H' \9 i0 H
Notes :

  q9 Y# y) y9 R2 G0 O. f" S1)        The cards made should be original and yours, we can use those pictures for promotional activities
6 A2 E/ ?% Z3 ]" E) N/ l* I2)        Please Provide your IGN(Ingame Name/Role name/Character name) and Server with every post
- [# Z1 u* E1 c( V3)        Players can post multiple cards but reward will be given for only 1 entry
/ I0 L% W, F; {( L7 R- |4)        The Winners will be Selected by Admins and the decision will be final and no rewards request for Warflow will be entertained
! {' _( Y" C8 v3 ]- h5 J4 i8 O: x, _3 r, A6 B
Sample :  P- a9 p1 o. h7 `

$ T$ p' c6 T$ q, N( R5 I
- d+ J. k1 m/ [$ ZPlease make your own, the one here is just a sample  
( c- Y1 o7 G# O& u' V5 MThanks# s, u3 z# C9 n7 O1 P3 ~# F! ?
lekool team
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As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.  Happy Valentines day to my wife!


hello this is Demelza u might know me as LadyVivian & WhiteRose I'm 23 years old and as I was saying I'II be your Valentin k and we may be fun together but I lived far away of Canada that my home thus town called Fox Lake
" ~8 _: m$ i$ h5 l3 h; Tso I say yes:)


hello this is Demelza u might know me as LadyVivian & WhiteRose I'm 23 years old and as I was saying ...5 l0 g9 o2 N, \
LadyVivian Post at 2-12-2011 02:32
: U" @2 C- f+ e+ O

; Y* c0 x1 _( g: i7 b. g4 k
$ }0 w/ A2 `# H+ j1 }. e    oh right Happy Valentins and it only three more days now oo i can't hardly wait and next will be my birthday is/ z4 f$ V! n7 g' x! x- o; G
at Monday February: 28 and wish me a Happy Birthday and wish me luck laters


i am going to have to go with caesary as being my valentine
2 j8 L9 q$ I6 Q! b" q, y      
; I/ h5 j  v, \3 }3 i- M/ D+ \( C1 q4 _& P7 Q/ {# |6 k/ o
    lekool will u be my valentine


This one is for my dear league Tyrannus, that loves great battles, good warriors and active players, that is strong and wise. I love you so much and I hope that your love for all the members keep us together for a long ...long... time.   GalloPatros


Reply 3# LadyVivian 1 I# d  a4 Q# \7 G3 p. B, S( ~
0 c* i! k3 z4 z. m7 `

7 Y+ M& `. n/ @   Hi LadyVivian, who proposed u here, I m just curious???


Caesary lekool (server 4) nero! o& n+ f9 e" w
IGN: Robinhood1 j" O7 ?; l3 }/ ?; X( P# g

8 G7 _8 Q1 ]- }8 \" U7 q& L8 I  o7 B8 x) B* [  B" a* A: V1 i
2 H1 e+ n9 X4 S  Z. C- n

7 S5 P: v$ U$ a. ?7 e8 z' j6 h1 i4 k0 n) H
I nEeD
. @5 C4 d7 w# ~/ t                                    I wAnT
0 ?: `& ^. E7 L( r                                    I'd DiE tO bE
( F: H' Z5 F6 ~6 t                                    HiS LiFe
& C/ I5 P4 M8 ~2 Z- u; D7 R                                    HiS LoVe
- a+ x: u& H" `, L  m  D$ X0 m                                    hIs EvErYtHiNg
5 D) b! v: W  `) s0 w+ |$ J. y% [# E1 ]+ {+ f5 o& v9 a

& s( K/ |8 ?$ ], A) w; }1 C6 ]3 a, ~% j$ j# K; I: B& D
# @8 ?7 ]" U$ ?% }4 J+ |
I would wait till forever just so we could be
& f9 J. Q5 i$ C$ E) a6 y) O                                    together.  If only you weren't so blind to see,
9 H+ R* u- C  }. y- `4 F                                    how much you truly mean to me.! U1 Z! a- e& G5 Q8 B

6 b7 y6 O" Q) t4 [) N" B  q9 q, a
. z% ]/ @/ H: {. X

+ E% _" q8 i7 I6 m; f

+ V2 N$ N3 n1 E2 [  Z2 w# t~advance happy Valentines everyone~
# n/ R  i, x6 Z5 a
& u5 |8 ?. s( i
! |- }% }1 Q) s

% Z- n# b7 _6 u" P, u/ T* e2 z1 K7 b; L6 n$ O- g4 \




I have been married to you now for 16 years, not a day goes by when I do not appreciate being with you.  * P# `& J" K  v+ c  D% s4 E
) S% h* `) P/ ~8 U8 g( `* @) [4 D3 H
We have been through some very tough times eg. Pregnancy issues with our son, being in hospital for 17 weeks with this, through to my back injuries, and now with your vertigo and hearing problems.
2 G  S! E5 R  o- q6 y: N# G' Y  n1 x: j8 [! `
BUT i love how you always say thank you to me, how you try and do what you can even with your limitations.  I love the children you gave me, they are a delight!  I also love how you are always behind me 100%, even when you disagree!  * N: R0 L7 g+ P) `+ m4 Q
9 [& }3 a" ?0 O
But most of all - I love you very much!  Through thick and thin, sickness and health, I will always be happy to be your husband.  I would love it to be 16 more years even if I have to look after you full time.
& I: u9 e  H( W2 Q' F+ ]9 h& C. v, K# q7 ^  K. m7 {
I love you!


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