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[Event] Win a I-Pad and other Prizes Playing at lekool

Dear Players,. m$ k4 M* K6 x: K3 y. s1 `
Want to win yourself an iPad? Well you can! iPad-Giveaway from lekool is here!!
, r9 v) J% T( J' |9 y$ L                     
% o; R+ g: x+ ^% `A New Server and a New Start, lekool is launching the 5th Server for its popular game Caesary. The launch will be on 16th Dec 2010 18:00 Hours PST.6 n! t( {/ v. a' _
To celebrate the New Server, New game patch and the festive season, Lekool games have decided to give away a brand new IPad, to show our appreciation to the players, but the road is filled with Hard Work, Patience and a bit of Luck to win this I-Pad
+ t7 ?7 x8 C& _+ C  v3 b1 R( [3 J
$ d* s4 k* u  `' ^, A+ ^Event duration : From 16th December 2010 18:00 Hours to 16th Feb 2010 18:00 Hours  g. I% f3 B4 ?& W% A. G
( z0 @) x" H# [' B1 G* y
Event Description :
: \$ S) {; z2 h, W* B- t* eTo win the I-pad, the player will have to register a account at server 5 of lekool, at the end of the event the top 20 Players in prestige (General ranking) will Qualify for a mega raffle.
$ z; l9 h8 ^  e# Z3 U* yThe raffle will be held by the admins and 1 lucky winner will be selected, that winner will be awarded the I - Pad.
% Z" C& A( ?  l: {4 `
# Q! D6 S! k+ b; F4 w; ?' PIf you dont win the I -pad Do not worry we have some super other rewards for you.  lekool will pick 5 other winners via the raffle and they will win 1300 Gold (Ingame Gold, only Server 5) and 3 other lucky winners, selected by Admin will win items worth 100$: ^$ O* O$ }' Q4 y8 |( ^4 s5 v9 ~

4 B! W) B: R! L5 m' J3 oRewards :
# i8 [( P- l& @0 L1 S0 ]; mTop draw from Top 20 Player -- 1 x Apple I-Pad
- s7 n2 N8 |1 i- \+ F+ K( j5 Lucky winners from raffle draw  -- 1300 Caesary Gold each winner! N; v, V5 O! n- C$ B
3 Lucky Winners decided by admins -- 75$ worth of ingame items each winner

6 m* r) E- B7 q
. ^: M6 |8 m- d5 n2 a
$ G% l8 @9 [$ i  g, CNotes :

/ k9 _- ^1 f$ y2 S3 g1) Players who are found to be abusing Bugs, hack tools or Cheating etc will be immediately disqualified and banned
' l$ c5 p: Z% r4 o/ H) d' [/ ^1 w2) No Multiaccounting is allowed, a player found to be having multiple accounts will be disqualified and banned2 r. i/ S8 c4 O# l" z- ^. d2 }
3) The winner of I-pad will have to provide the Shipping address and Some other details/requirements which we require.$ m8 f* q* z, x7 r
4) the I - pad will be shipped to the winner within 3 working days (Excluding weekdays or US holidays)9 D, N6 @! G; F7 _" N$ V
All decision will be final and decided by the admin!!
% h! y2 a. L! Q9 @6 V/ |( y2 m+ r/ b" z3 ?* k% h5 u+ t
Remember, A early bird gets the worm, so don't wait on this one, get a early head start when server launches. # N! [$ c& h4 e7 F7 E
For other Server 5 Events Visit : ... &extra=page%3D1, ?) D1 k! L# F4 U) t
% C& b) a$ y+ Z: Y2 @( @
Thanks( ~4 [4 [) u3 I: |8 s- H- t
lekool team
9 P6 g8 ]! U  y  p) }
0 S& e/ r9 P& [% G" O7 r6 J& C* l" W  h
The device may vary from tha above shown picture in specifications, size and color
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why fo caesary only?5 q% H: }. w# }0 \

) \. I6 P  ], B9 R- v" |8 h; ypeace.
3 R4 i6 G2 R" ?) b4 G


None for DC? hehe


good  but i wished if pick top 100 not 20  but good luck
TEST me, For I shall TEST YOU


Dear All,' B& E. o* P1 v% l5 S9 N
1 L8 |4 W7 E  `( T) ~( }) m; r$ \; X
After months of tough competition, we have the winner of lekool Apple I Pad event, The winner Are
7 u0 C, u; T5 a( S9 |. F8 d) j3 s6 W- v( |2 @1 K8 V2 Q; {

8 s  N3 P; r# H; F
3 D1 X$ w0 Z0 P6 U. i8 `- w7 N
. o+ W; m7 M- O- U" w7 i, j
8 l: a  A+ D. EGrand Winner for I - Pad. l# i; B! b  q9 @6 n
7 R/ Q  s+ E$ e
- `" U7 z# f& j5 Q! B5 Lucky Winners :2 X; v3 z* R( w. D  _
RevenueMarine; R: r! V, \1 j3 ^0 x$ y
# Z9 s& r% t9 h2 v3 b  ]Flayed* M: l8 c; S: v9 d9 H
Jaggermeister- Z* [- f; g, \( s" ]! Z* i/ q/ W
mod viral; K8 q; P4 i: Q7 Q* \1 u! h
$ b. K5 r0 N5 ?4 U# z
3 Winners Chosen by Admins :
5 z' E8 x4 H- B% l* |& h$ h$ a+ rPlig, H# X7 L; O  }% @* v
) R+ f. U, w' p0 D+ p4 J1 uHawk; U+ q9 h& `  b* O$ S- y) v1 q
5 Q& d; O$ f8 K) t: m

& ]2 E5 l* n4 xCongrats To all the winners, Please leave us your IGN & server for rewards. I pad winner needs to mail us the shipping address at admin@lekool.com7 D+ ~" q! n- U8 R7 g1 g: n

5 ]; ^' S, W/ J- d; e, R) b: rThanks  W. G0 z+ K' L3 z  B. f; [
lekool team/ }5 S% f7 ?2 w7 U
- {+ P4 J- Z9 M4 ]
*shipping charges to be paid by the winner & shipping will be to the address provided
: n" j7 M3 `2 V7 G' J1 r: Z  we will not be responsible for delay or loss in transaction* U  u" a; Y9 Q0 p# d
  product damaged during transportation is not our concern & delivery time may depend upon distance
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congratz winners!!!


Awesome.  RevenuMarine on Server 5.  The past 2 months have paid off... almost as much as they have for DF


wooooow..* ^0 S* F6 G" R- T# B" O9 |- O8 y
  nice party ofcourse
4 H* J/ u' f7 b- J) i; c- v) N; y% ?' b' R7 v
congrast ........ & ~" z8 n3 g4 n6 F9 V! S6 u# d

2 Y' W" H+ j; V2 K. Oa gain please  


Reply 5# xianhu
4 L& c) U! B. A8 w& {* k8 V4 E9 k. g5 q1 c2 j2 I) E/ a" z, r+ O7 W
: y. e% ^, a" @$ s9 S, q: y+ R
     Not sure what IGN is but I play on s5 Titus Caesary & won My Lekool account name is Jugernaut & game name is HAWK. Thanks you guys Rock !! If u need anything else please let me know............Thanks  HAWK


Congrats everyone !!


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