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Event Sun collection - can't receive reward

Good morning,
in the event Sun collection I traded in the required elements, but can't withdraw the reward.

So I'm not proceeding further.

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Reply 1# thebone25

   IGN: Thebone.s5


Reply 2# thebone25
try again when you get back items.I heard it Works if you have Extra items or next day after reset(2nd choise not option anymore as after next reset event will be out of date)


Reply 3# jimmysgourlias

The stars were offered to the wheel 2 days ago, so both yesterday and today i checked and it wasn't possible to retrieve.
In any case the trick of having 2 extra stars in inv can work for first reward, but after 3 rewards i couldn't have enough
'other' stars to be able to retrieve new rewards.

Something is not working, there.


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