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Cannot add Gold on August 31

Post Last Edit by Joshuff at 9-1-2018 06:06

Since we are not able to enter Lekool dot com or Lekoolgames dot com by a secure website >>>
How can we add gold today and get the bonus as mentioned in maint notes 20180830 >>

In this case we are not able to use the so called "GOLD BANK" >>

Please solve before the day is over or confirm me that Lekool will add the missing gold % within 24 hours.
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this is how much they care...lekool was once upon a time nice place,we even had forum events from time to time,to get ingame items...and active gm' we even cant add
if you guys need help let us help u,give some players oportunity to  help to improve gameplay for all players


ssl is down , it needs to be fixed first


as reported on 29th........


yes it might take several days


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