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Daily Quest Completion

When you select a daily quest from available quests, it appears in Daily Quests without an underline.
When you complete a daily quest, it then appears in the Daily Quest with an underline.
So it's easy to know what quests have been done when you go through the list.
Now when selected from Available Quests, it appears in Daily Quest with an underline.
This is confusing as you think then later it was completed when you look through Daily Quests list
for quests not yet completed.
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Another problem is when available quest moves to daily quest is that the quest description is gone.


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Reply 2# Turola

I don't see the problem, coz when there are available quests, u can see the blue !
Accepted daily quests, are marked with a white ? and will turn into a blue ? when the quest is done

Descriptions are still the see when u click on the Quest tab @ the bottom line;

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It's now back to what it was before the change - it's "normal" again.
You don't have to go to the Quest tab.


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