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Game Guides& Wings

Wings can be activated as your level increases, your stats can be raised massively.

Wings Upgrade
You can use daily rewarded items to activate and upgrade Wings to raise stats.
If the Wing reaches Lv.4, it can transform to all styles of previous ranks.

Wings Skill
Wings skill can be activated as the level rises. You can learn more Wings skill to increase hero’s power. You can obtain Wings Skill Books in 7-day login or other events.

Wings Blessing
Consume Upgrade Items to raise Upgrade Blessing. Upgrading is easier if your Blessing is higher. Auto upgrade will be more convenient.
Tip: High Level Blessing Value is available for limited time. Please upgrade Wings while the value is effective.

Wings Item
Wings Items include Feather, Fluff, Quill and Phoenix Wing. Those Items increase Wings stats and hero’s stats. With higher Wings Item level, you can equip higher level Items. The Items can be obtained in Killing World BOSS and other events.

Wings Growth
Above Wings Rank 4, you can use Wings Growstones to increase Wings stats and your power.
With higher level Wings, you can use more Wings Stones to increase your power.

Wings Qualification
If your Wings is above Rank 5, you can use Wings Mindstone to increase your basic stats and power.
With higher level Wings, you can use more Wings Mindstones to increase your power.
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