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Odin Quest Server 7 Launch News

Odin Quest Server 7 Launch News
Lekoolgames ( announced the launch of its popular MMORPG game  Odin Quest. Odin Quest is RPG online browser game based on Nordic Myth.
The New server of Odin Quest called “Mimir” launches on 30th Dec 2017 at 8:00 PM PST time.

Odin Quest is amazing MMORPG, boasting of stunning graphics, outstanding gameplay, ability to choose characters from different class with different skills and abilities. Team battles, PVP battles, World Boss battles, Cross server battles, the game also had quest system that will never let you get bored.
The game also allows traditional systems like equipment system, wing system, skin system which transform the looks of your character completely.

A little sneak peak to some features is stated below
1. Class System
Choose from 5 different class which are different in every way and have unique abilities
2. PVP & PVE Battles
Game allows you to join team battles but open maps allow Player vs Player matches
3. Mount & Pet System
The game allows you to gain mounts and pets which improve your rating and improve character stats
4. Alliance & Dungeons
Join your alliance members and fight alliance battles and alliance dungeons. Battle open world dungeons and gain items
5. Cross Server Battle
Join in the CSB and test your strength against other players from different servers
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server is now open ! welcome everyone


Hello all,
the server is now open, please login. please enable flash player on the browser in case you get a black screen.


Yeah, still haven't got the GL from the new events...


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