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OQ Server Merger Details & Compensation (18th Dec)

Dear All,

lekoolgames Odin Quest Server 1&4, Server 5 & Server 6 will me merged to form a single combines server on 18th Dec 2017. the following is the detail note of the merger process of the server.

The merging process is expected to take 3-4 hours depending upon various factors, the merger time may vary or change, we will keep our players updated on the progress in the thread.

Merger Details:
1. Players should log into the game, claim the rewards in the mail,stop peddling,cancel all orders in Exchange and Auction House, and clear all coins and Goldleaves in the transaction account of Exchange before we merge the servers.
2. Players should log out before we merge the servers in order not to lose any game data.
3. It's strongly recommended that you start Occupy in Valkyrja's Test after we merge the servers, otherwise the Occupy Time will be reset.
4. Each player can keep at most 3 characters in these two servers, please delete other characters(that you don't want to keep after the merge). The details are listed below.

Deletion of Idle Characters:
In order to optimize the gaming experience for all players and alleviate the burden of servers, we decide to delete those characters who have not logged in for a long time before we merge the servers. We will deem a character as "idle" if he/she meets all the conditions listed below:

1. The character hasn't logged in for at least 14 days.
2. The character is Lv30 or below.
3. The character has no recharge record.

Any character who meets all three conditions above will be deleted as idle character.Those characters won't be recovered, so please cherish your character.For example: A Lv 30 character with no recharge record won't be deleted if he has logged into the game in the past 14 days.

Character Reserve & Compensation:
Players can enter the game through both the original server and the new server after merging.If the player has more than 3 characters in one account across two merging servers, the systerm will only reserve 3 characters. The player will choose which 3 characters to keep when he logs in after merging. If the player chooses less than 3 characters, then the system will automatically choose the highest level character(s) from the remaining characters. Any Goldleaf,credits or coins (including those in the transaction account of Exchange) in the deleted characters will be transferred to the highest level character automatically.

For example: A player has 5 characters in one account across servers S3 and S4, and the character levels are 70, 60, 50, 40, 30. If the player only chooses to keep the Lv70 character, then the system will choose the Lv60 and Lv50 characters for him, and any Goldleaf,credits or coins (including those in the transaction account of Exchange) in the Lv40 and Lv30 characters will be transferred to the Lv70 character automatically.

Duplicate Names of Characters and Alliances:
1. If the players share the same name in the merged server, then the name of the higher level character will remain, while the lower level character will be asked to change name upon logging.As for the name in the Rank, if the lower level character hasn't changed name, then his name will be temporarily displayed as (name)+(number),for example: Hero#1, Hero#2,etc.

2. If the Alliances share the same name in the merged server, then the name of the higher level Alliance will remain, while the name of the lower level Alliance will be added a number as suffix. For example: OQ(The higher level Alliance that keeps its original name), OQ#1(The lower level Alliance that has a number after its name).Meanwhile,there is a Change Name button in the Alliance panel that is visible and operable only to Alliance leader.

Data Reserve & Limits:
1. The character's assets and strength won't be affected by the merging event, any effect/status of the character will be transferred to the new server(Excluding some effects with special note).
2. All personal mails will be reserved.
3. All data on Rank will be reset,and the Rank will be re-calculated after merging the servers.
4. Items with time limit will keep its effective time.
5. Entrance times of Test and Dungeon will be saved. If the player has already used up his chances to enter Deep Treasure that day, then he can't enter that dungeon after we merge the servers. When the merging process begins, all players in the Test or Dungeon will go offline.
6. Entrance times of Alliance Dungeon will be saved.
7. The duration of Alliance Skill will be saved.
8. The learning time of Constellation will be saved.
9. The remaining time of the quest with time limit will be saved.
10. The remaining time of the skill which is under CD will be saved.
11. Time of Online Rewards will be saved. After we merge the servers, the player can't claim the rewards if he has used up his chance.
12. Time limit to complete Goals will be saved.
13. Arena Reputation will be saved.
14. Top 3 records in Test panel will be clear, but record of levels completed will be saved. After we merge the servers,the player can transfer right into the level he's challenging, and top 3 records will be re-calculated.
15. When multiple castellans of Medgate exist in the merged server, the castellan from S3 will be deemed by the system as the current castellan.
16. Challenge times will be saved. The character who has challenged 20 times can't challenge again after we merge the servers.
17. The Rank of Pet Competition Season this week will be rearranged. The 10 Teams under PetCom panel can be different under new Rank.The results will be rearranged chronologically. The data in overall Rank will be reset.
18. If the schedule of Pet Competition Playoffs is already out before we merge the servers, then we will reshedule it according to the new Rank after merging the servers.
19. Information about the conqueror, EXP and chest rewards in the Test will be clear after merging the servers. It's recommended that you conquer after merging the servers.
20. The daily escort and interception quota will be saved.

Will be updated soon!

Lekool Odin Team
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is server 1-4 margeing  with 5-6 ?


yes sever 1-4 is merging with 5 and 6


ok thank you be more fun lol


Currently I can not login using facebook account plz


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Currently I can not login using facebook account


sad.. you can merge all the worlds you want.. what we need is new stuff


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