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cant log in

why am i getting a ''disconnected from server'' msg when i try to log my toon on S1 ?
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Post Last Edit by brinshawna at 8-1-2017 11:44

thats bull xian. i didnt sell the account to anyone.
a friend was fixing it for me since i had let it go so badly and i gave him permission to use it.
last i heard, piloting other ppls accounts was acceptable on lekool since alot have done it in the past and still do (also have alts).   
Besides since when is a photo id necessary for an account that you never had a photo id to start with ?  Check your fb messenger.

If someone makes that kind of accusation, where is your proof and where is your request asking if this is true ?
Your asking for photo id that this is my account, im asking for your proof that the account was sold.


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