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Crystal Saga II Launching on lekoolgames

Lekoolgames (, the publishers of some of the most popular online browser based games like Odin Quest, Thunder Call, Call Of Gods, Siegelord have just announced the launch of a brand new fantasy browser based game “Crystal Saga II”
: e; r& j: ?- O& `  N' |8 M$ ~The First Server of Crystal Saga II launches on 16th April, 2017 at 19:00 US PST time. ' Q, ^: A. G) ]3 W

9 @& [# s$ A2 s1 F 9 D* q/ G3 {: G9 Q0 Q
6 v: c5 U% g. ]" J; a, J' `9 N- T" L
Crystal Saga II is a free to play fantasy MMORPG, an expansion to very popular Crystal Saga game. Players start out as a hero reborn in a world where one can ascend to a godlike status. Hunt down the biggest and baddest monsters across the colorful world filled with all manner of creatures, quests, and adventures.# l4 Q& u+ r) E) ~
Monsters however are not the only creatures to be hunted down, pets can be found all across the world and are waiting to be tamed or bought. Once acquired, these battle companions will assist in any fight, no matter how dangerous.
, G4 G/ b, ?3 m* k6 o  M4 L$ ^0 L3 g7 f2 c7 Z; w3 G) j* h, p; v, E. j

: }7 I/ |) W! m2 L' R
( y5 x# v2 c5 ~% M6 {. K9 dFeatures at a Glance:/ t& o$ ~; o- @
These are few features of the game which the players of this amazing game might enjoy.
) F* a; T3 M' o! g6 F1. Class System
: e& A- V9 \% f/ K7 W2 tChoose from 6 distinct class which are different in every way and have unique abilities4 R, x! V/ ~* F" ?- @  z9 c, q
2. PVP & PVE Battles
' K* F2 @/ Q+ G: m2 y+ YGame allows you to join team battles but open maps allow Player vs Player matches
  m. i2 s: {$ W$ _3. Mount & Pet System
, h8 G1 f& L+ [The game allows you to gain mounts and pets which improve your rating and improve character stats
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