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Website Update Notice (Login Issues)

Hello All,
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3 T0 p8 Y+ U) Q3 d2 y" ~We had updated SSL certificate, SSL certificates provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and an internet browser. during the update we ran into unexpected issues and had many players complain about login issues. we have rolled back the certificate update, if any player is still having login issues, we strongly recommend you clean your browser cache and history then try to login the game again. clearing cache/history will remove the  certificate and it will allow you to login.
6 a8 C: r: v: P9 nyou can also remove the "s" from https to login, eg, when you login lekoolgames, your url link will be, you can simply remove the "s" from https and use or, you can simply remove "s" and use to login the game
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: p7 y* i- S# p6 R+ F% [If anyone still has issues, please provide us with details of the problem. we will be fixing the issue with the SSL and will update the security certificate later to provide extra layer of safety to our members and community of players.
- a/ P3 v" ^2 b% G
& v" {2 A9 q. q& y1 O7 s& WThanks
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we have replied to your concern in OQ here ... o=lastpost#lastpost" K0 e, d# q4 m9 {
if you play any other game, please specify the details of game you play and your IGN along with server and we will have it checked
) V0 {  ^+ b1 g' Q* U0 AThanks


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