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11th Equipment for the Golden Heroes

Thanx to all who helped me with the missing data.
Do mind that this is proved until lvl 21, last 4 levels are not 100% certain since not many reached that far yet.

Click HERE to see the table.
N-joy it all, so you know what to get when you reach a certain level.
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Thank you


thx josh...
what i c  in table is population problems in close future.
we constantly reporting about population  problems and with 6 heroes equiped with that 11th equipment  we need 66k more units at end ,so im just wondering what devs gonna  do about it


Will pass on suggestion for a bigger pop


Reply 3# audio

   Players above lvl 160 have a max population limit for 327.990.This is by far NOT enough to have a full team + 6 substitutes.
Dev's need to upgrade it to a minimum of 400K, while 450K is even better!!!!


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