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NON stacking Gems from PA2

Today I did a run in Purgatory Abyss II floor 1.01 till 3.25 and see here a part of my droplist;

After checking my inventory I got this view >

Is it that hard for the developers to give ALL the (Bloodstone) gems the same code, no matter where they drop?
I have heard excuses that the ones from dungeons and PA2 had different codes (like t3 cards from spinning wheel and abyss), but now both kinds drops in PA2!

A bit odd if you ask me .
Why don't they solve this irritating, inventory space eating problem once and for all?
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will pass it on again


this is still not fixed...................


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Why care .......Inventing bugged events what brings in gold is more important then to keep players happy .....


it is a ongoing old issue , it is different codes on the gems - even though they are the same type


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