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New Server Launch News, COG S16 and THC S2

Since the launch of Thunder Call and Call Of Gods, both these epic mmo games have being enjoyed by countless players, over a short period of time, Thundercall and Call of Gods has gained many fans due to its simple and exciting style of gameplay which offers the best of both MMO and RPG games. ! F& C/ ]8 B) V
Lekoolgames is happy to announce that it will be launching a brand new server of Call Of Gods and Thundercall, the new server launches on 14th Sept, 2016 at 7:00 PM US PST time." f3 y$ Y1 a& k1 p' n% R: T3 |4 w
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Call Of Gods:  V1 ?+ v9 D% D$ D7 Y/ W
New Server, server 16 "Apollo" launches on 14th Sept, 2016 at 7:00 PM PST time- s: h' {  z% C6 W: m1 _  a

, t  I  d4 ~) D; WThunderCall:
4 Z1 _* Y  y% s2 j0 N0 l4 bThundercall Server 2 called "Thunderer" launches on 14th Sept, 2016 at 7:00 PM PST time.
2 L4 C) `, [" ~2 X. k" i  _5 i- ]& N% O- \. X
Help us spread the news and Join us on the launch of new server
2 p7 I& F& E6 W( X/ `: C2 P+ ]lekool team
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9 g' \; e& j8 S; T" s) e+ x( \Ty Wayne ... a bit early though, just wait till events are open and post on the proper places.


( }5 C- [+ s5 E3 n: s9 R, VApollo 16 on FB/ n8 J  n# M' V: ^' `- A

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