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Solo Dungeon

Welcome to a quick guide on Solo Dungeon
As you can see below in picture i'm standing the City Of Light this the main section to the game.

Now to get to Solo Dungeon from where i am riding my mount follow the arrow on the picture drawn in black. i zoomed my web browser out to -25% to show where Solo Dungeon is

Once you reach the blue star gate/portal click it, Up will pop another screen like this one shown below

Since your new to the game you will only see Chapter one. Which is shown in picture above.

Ok are you ready for your first big battle, I know you are.

Before you get to excited you need to hover your mouse over your first dungeon which is call Ents Jungle lvl.1 you will see a window that will pop up see picture below

In the pop up box you will see lot of things that you will again by completing the dungeon here what you gain from doing it

EXP 550
Gold 2240
Crystals 448

Way cool awesome prizes for the first dungeon.

Ok if you notice there was a 2 section to the pop up Box that said this

3 star mastery required
1.Battle rating raised to 240
2.Clearing Time <180 seconds
3.Monster killed >50%

So your now wondering what does this mean? To complete the dungeon and get 3 Full stars your going to need 240+ battle rating you going have to complete the dungeon under <180 Seconds and kill only 50% of the monster, No pressure

Is that sweat pouring down your armour or is that blood from the hard work you just had to do. Congrats on completing your first dungeon but don't celebrate to long you have more dungeons to complete as you raise your self to higher in the dungeons it get harder you need more Battle rating harder dungeons more monster to slay and more glory.

If you are a true hero you will complete all the dungeons in chapter one with 3 star rating on all dungeon you get a extra bonus

In Picture below you will see a Treasure Chest i have highlighted in a red box

Click it and claim your prizes in picture below you will see what you get

Awesome prizes you get

5x Goddess Fortuna Pieces
Gold x 20,000
Crystal x 8,000
Mount Jewels x5

Congrats on completing your first chapter, Now keep up the good work and complete all of the other chapter as you raise up to fame
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Battle rating Per Chapter
Chapter 1

       Level 1     240  B.R.

Level 4     372   B.R.

Level 7     492   B.R.

Level 10   492   B.R.

Level 15   684   B.R.

Level  19   1152 B.R.

Chapter 2

Level 21   864   B.R.

Level 23   1176 B.R.

Level 25   1944 B.R.

Level 27   2328 B.R.

Level 28   2376 B.R.

Level 29   2424 B.R.

Chapter 3

Level 31   2616 B.R.

Level 32   2640 B.R.

Level 33   2772 B.R.

Level 34   3096 B.R.

Level 35   3804 B.R.

Level 36   3864 B.R.

Level 38   3960 B.R.

Level 40   3492 B.R.

Chapter 4

Level 41   4716 B.R.

Level 42   6456 B.R.

Level 43   7944 B.R.

Level 44   9600 B.R.

Level 45   11904 B.R.

Level 46   13068 B.R.

Level 47   14028 B.R.

Level 48   14664 B.R.

Level 49   18384 B.R.

Chapter 5

Level 51   29148 B.R.

Level 52   32472 B.R.

Level 53   38136 B.R.

Level 54   41580 B.R.

Level 55   49644 B.R.

Level 56   52992 B.R.

Level 57   57768 B.R.

Level 58   62208 B.R.

Level 59   67860 B.R.

Chapter 6

Level 61   77016 B.R.

Level 62   83004 B.R.

Level 63   86916 B.R.

Level 64   92364 B.R.

Level 65   96144 B.R.

Level 66   102384 B.R.

Level 67   105996 B.R.

Level 68   113880 B.R.

Level 69   120036 B.R.


nicely done , thank you


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