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[Notice] Crystal Saga Shutdown Notice

Dear Players,
We would like to thank you all for the love and affection shown to our game Crystal Saga, it is with great sadness we announce it is time to bid farewell to Crystal Saga, Crystal Saga servers will cease operation on 9th Sept 2016 at 22:00 PST time.

We assure you that we will be working hard to bring in new games to replace crystal saga, we will bring you more wonderful games.
The payment portal to Crystal Saga will be closed from 1st Sept, 2016 PST. Compensation pack will be posted soon for active players


For Paying Players -- 100% of amount spent on Crystal Saga from 1st April, 2016 till Closure of game along with 300 Gold

For non paying players -- 500 Gold on the following games, COG, Thc, GP & Odin Quest (we cannot send compensation on CR or KOT)

account is only eligible for compensation if made before 1st August and level 40. Inactive, multi, babysit accounts will not be compensated.

Process of Compensation claim:

All players need to post the details before Sept. 30th 2016 as a reply to this thread in following format, to claim compensation.

Your CS IGN --
Screenshot of your CS IGN, Character level and site url shown in single screenshot --
Game you play now or want compensation on --
IGN on new game --
Paying or non paying --

Lekool Team
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IGN: (S1)Rokia
i wanna play CS again


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when will crystal saga open i miss crystal saga on lekool


if can add items to my character in odin quest XD


Reply 34# Telsos

   i think they forgot about us


I still don't think I've got my compensation


lvl 100 eidolon


why closed crystal saga and I didnt pay any money but I reached to about 10[[/img]0lvl eidolon


It's about time. This game was already dying when I left. It was inevitable.


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