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Siegelord Update from 22:30 to 24:00 June.15th, EDT

My lords,

All servers will be down from 22:30 to 24:00, June. 15th (EDT) for updating. While our servers are down for maintenance we’d like to take a few minutes and tell you what improvements we’ve made to the game.

What's new

1. New Faction Quest: The New Reign

Lv.8 Factions with 3 players who possessthe massacre skill may start this quest.

What you can do once the quest iscompleted:

1) Change/redesign the emblem of yourfaction.

2) Player who has contributed in completingthe New Reign quest will receive a Medal of Dawn which can be inlaid ontoequipment set to boost its power.

3) The King and Rank I officers may buildstronghold which will provide massive rewards and protection in faction wars.

2. Minor changes on some events.

3. Details

VIP 9 players will obtain a new privilege:Red Battle duration prolonged to 60 minutes.

VIP 10 players will obtain a new privilege:a chance to change name after completing the New Reign quest.

Refresh cooldown of Shop and Tavernprolonged.

4. Chat colors changed, chat box optimized

My lord, there are many more new features await you, it's time to explore the world again!

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