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1. There are 8 Classic Goddesses and 2 Legendary Goddess in Lordsroad.
2. Player can get perfect attribution from goddess, so please upgrade all your goddess.
3. Goddess details:
    1>Fortuna: I am shy.
    Skill: Massive attack -- Deals 100% damage to all targets, 5s CD.
    2>Maria: I am the goddess of night!
    Skill: Envenom -- Deals 5 seconds poison damage (150% per second) to single target,  10s CD.
    3>Nemesis: I won’t waste time with weak person.
    Skill: Armor piercing -- Reduces 20% DEF to single target for 5 seconds, 10s CD.
    4>Victoria: Hey, you look a little bad.
    Skill: Critical hit -- Deals 200% damage to single target, 5s CD.
    5>Chione:  I will be a good partner.
    Skill: Slow -- Reduces 50% moving speed to single target for 3 seconds, 10s CD.
    6>Minerva: You are not alone.
    Skill: Exhaust -- Reduces 50% damage of single target for 3 seconds, 10s CD.
    7>Athena: Let me show you my blades.
    Skill: Stagger -- Deals 50% stagger chance to single target for 2 seconds, 10s CD.
    8>Venus: Woo~~ You are so bad.
    Skill: Recovery -- Instantly restore hero’s HP (50% of goddess ATK), 10s CD.
  4. Please find the elegant ladies in Lordsroad yourself. Hope you enjoy this game.

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