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Siegelord Update from 22:30 to 24:00 May.17th, EDT

My lords,

        All servers will be down from 22:30 to 24:00, May. 17th (EDT) for updating. While our servers are down for maintenance we’d like to take a few
minutes and tell you what improvements we’ve made to the game.

What's new

        1. Renovate Your City!
       Complete Lv 115 scenario quest to unlock the new renovation function. You can make good use of your prisoners and renovate your resources zones. After renovating all of the areas, you can host a celebration feast. A renovated city will have new skills and it be able to generate more resources.

        2. Lyle Invitation
        A new type of invitation added in Cross-Server Tournament, use it to attend feast, you will obtain gems.

        3. Events Optimization
        Rewards increased for some events.

        4. Cross-Server Crusade Optimization
        Red Battle added in crusade mode. NPC server added.

        5. New Scenario Stage
        "Underground River" - the lastest Scenario Stage after Lv.150 is now available!

        6. Small adjustments on following features
        -Market, Warehouse, Squire, Horns, Massacre, Gem Association, Blacksmith, exchanging iron for gems, Barbarian Fortress
        -Players of Lv.120 and above have a certain chance of finding Threefold Crystal in Merit Chest

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