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Chaos Rage & Great Pirate Launching on Lekoolgames

Our next games are ready to be launched as the summer gets in full swing in the northern hemisphere of globe. Lekoolgames would like to take this opportunity and give you a reason to beat the heat by staying inside the comfort of your home with the upcoming launch of 2 brand new games.
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Our new games called “Chaos Rage” & “Great Pirate” will be launching on 18th May 2016 at 7:00 Pm US PST time zone.
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About Chaos Rage:
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/ w2 B. x& j1 {6 TChaos Rage is a browser MMORPG game, based on Norse Mythology. It features the unique semi real-time turn-based battle system, where players collect heroes, grow their character, and fight in various battles. Life-like graphics, immersive game play await you in this game. Explore The nine mysterious kingdoms and be the savior
# \1 F8 |2 z5 z8 F
6 `/ `7 \* p7 Q# u  g3 y/ ]Website: n; {5 R2 y. V' H
Fan Page:
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About Great Pirate:
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0 d$ r- \3 _/ g& mGreat Pirate is a unique sea based MMORPG, based on Naval adventures, the game puts you in the role of a Captain. The game has very vivid graphics, which attract every player. The game offers a unique turn based combat system which is not seen on any other sea theme based games.5 }( _  s" Z. z0 F6 d, A/ @  V. T
Hire crew, build ships and rule the unconquered sea.4 _2 p) d7 z! C8 ]- |  V
) V( c3 T, n2 u. t" I4 U. x  E* f, f
Website: _9 I! |# A5 R
Fan Page:
9 `; r! d+ I4 ~# ~/ _$ Z
  N5 |3 ]& o  d- yJoin us at the launch and enjoy great launch events
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Hello all,: R! z/ K' D) `( h' U* \$ E
Chaos Rage & Great Pirate are live now
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