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Returning Player Reward

Returning Player Reward

To welcome back our veteran players Lekoolgames is offering them a awesome reward !

Durations : April 8th 00:00- April 28th 23:59

For this event, just post your old in game name and server with your server 13 Diana in game name to be rewarded


  • Must post both old and new names of accounts with servers

  • Player can be from any of the games on lekool provided they were inactive, you need to provide your details

  • Player must be a RETURNING player, meaning you have not played a account here this year (or since Jan 1st 2016)

Example post:

Old name : Ripley.s1  server 1

New name : Ripley server 13

All players who have had a old account and are returning to play again with us are valid for this event !!!

Prize : 1 MONTH VIP !!
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*edited to be read-able*
Server 10

Server 13


server 12 ironcastor
server 13 jessiejames


server 12 ironcastor

4f6145cce9b55 Post at 4-9-2016 18:54
no scratch that delete



both have been sent VIP in game on s13  (april 19th)


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    could I get the call back gift on server Raphael? I'm witchking.s3.m2


Reply 6# 4ede29047689b

   no sorry , call back (new newbie box) was added for s13 only


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