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Dragon Pearl Radar and Dragon Pearl

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In order to obtain the dragon pearl radar, you must farm the experienced monsters based on your level. For instance, a level 99 player would hunt experienced monsters in Ice Peninsula, while a level 100 player would farm experienced monsters in Miracle Island. If you try to farm experienced monsters below your level, you will not get the drop. The Dragon Pearl Radar is a chance drop. It does not stack. When you receive the Dragon Pearl Radar, there will be a description on the radar that says where you need to go to use the Dragon Pearl Radar. It will give you a map name and coordinates. This will be different on every radar you collect. Dragon Pearl Radars are bound and not tradable.

Once you get to that map and those coordinates, double click the Dragon Pearl Radar to find the Dragon Pearl. The Dragon Pearl has a chance to give you either an HP Pack (exquisite), soul essence x3, level 5 star stone, level 7 luck crystal, or a 7 day skin coupon. Dragon Pearls do stack and they are unbound.

You can exchange the 7 day skin coupons at Lilia in Medgate for a 7 day Vegeta skin or a 7 day Arale skin.

The Vegeta skin cannot be enhanced but the Arale skin can.
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awesome work katia!


New update for dragon pearls. You can farm them on any map with experienced monsters. it's not a matter relative to your level anymore.


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