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[News] DC 2 & COG New Server Launch News

Lekoolgames’s ( has just announced the launch of new servers for their immensely popular games Call Of Gods and Dragons Call 2.
" f/ c4 X, \" }6 ]4 `4 ]- X$ DBoth the new servers launch on 16th April, 2015 at 10:00 PM PST time.. t2 p2 @; }2 n1 d6 Y) ?/ ]

( j# u7 k' W, RAbout the Games:3 l- p8 X9 h: m% g0 D0 w) t
Dragons Call 2 is a fantasy based browser based game, its set in the world called StillLand where creatures like elves, dragons, giants, orcs, dwarves and humans reside. StillLand is now in chaos as forces of evil struggle with forces of good. In these times, new heroes arise and take path to their destiny.
* Y+ q* W# x$ c# T3 ^1 i$ vDC 2 follows the story of Humans and allows players to choose from 3 different class of humans, Warrior, Mage & Assassin. The game progress as players follow the quest based story line and player can recruit various other heroes in the process to fight along with them.
! h9 c2 q$ n% O/ r' _2 }9 Q* ]% N$ M! B! X! F4 q
A little sneak peak to some features5 C9 O! x2 a9 V& i2 M
1. Class System & Formation System* D& [. `( E' }% `2 j  L/ L7 d1 G) a
2. Pet System
/ z2 r6 {$ j8 j3 Z) p3. Equipment  & Refine System
9 K% @5 m: N. ?0 Q4. Guild & Cross server guild battles8 u( V% _# z6 U: w! o" p
5. Arena System
; E% t3 @  {7 A- m! f  e5 ^0 E# o3 R) a1 \
& A8 T; z  S$ t  P! M) B
) I& g) h# u6 z; L- n" k- V
Call Of Gods:
& @* K+ ?6 N! d$ ECall Of Gods. COG is a free to play browser based MMORTS. COG allows players to experience the best of both RPG and SLG in a fantasy setting.9 c* ~4 ?) \' R. @' A
MMORTS games have seen a lot of wide attention in recent times in terms of popularity, one such game which has provided all these features is Call Of Gods.  : x( S, R' H; t" v2 e5 X# w0 Z% v
Call of Gods is a blend of simulation and strategy. Select from 3 different races, recruit powerful heroes to aid you in battle, arrange different kinds of units with totally unique equipment to carry out quests. Adventure into the dungeons to fight and defeat the monsters found there.  Fight with your friends to defeat the boss special monsters.
: d2 J+ x4 T) sCOG also features an in-depth and interactive game guide to help your journey in the game.
7 E/ B  r" P) R, N( Q The game features beautiful graphics, Arena System and Alliance system. Fight with players of different servers to prove your might and bring glory to your server in the Cross Server Championship.
$ ?4 @  _0 m9 z+ T+ P+ U1 U7 r/ i8 i! r% ]- K6 o
Join us at the launch of the new servers and enjoy the launch events.3 H& t, q. V& ~8 X( E/ j' k
1 g: l% f  w$ Z4 j" E4 @3 |
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We are on daylight time here in California (PDT), so does that mean it would start at 9 p.m. PDT?  Or will the server really start at 10 p.m. PDT?


Reply 2# ellery
2 ?) P, T5 Y6 g* N* Mhello 8 P2 B* D1 \# n& y, H2 \8 I
it will be 10 PM which is in another 16 hours



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