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Quanlucky's Hunter Guide

Welcome to my hunter guide! (Please note I'm not trying to make your hunter look bad! This is example of my build you are welcome to change in your own way!)

I'm more focused on maxing every area of effect skill as well as maxing the buff!

Skill tree page 1

Notice I didn't go for encourage instead I tried to max out the Multiple and all resistance is good to have as well.

Skill tree page 2

Notice I didn't go for Puncture or Hunter's Mark for max because you want try to max the hunter buff and Grenade. 3 points in accuracy is not needed I'm not sure why I put it there feel free to try put some into puncture or hunter's mark (Im sure it required to unlock next upgrade)

Skill tree page 3

I dont think you can go more than 1 point in Trap since I already have unlocked requirement to upgrade it wouldn't let me so just max out passive as you can. Only missing 3 points which will go into passive.

This is my aoe build I have not test it in pvp since I dont pvp pretty much but I do think I can take some level equal or bit stronger down with right relics.

Simply spam all the aoe available and just stay alive

*Warning this build required heavy mana usage even with Snake from Con!*

To be continued if needed to add more info!
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Thank you, dear Quan!
There's no limit for self-improvement.




can u update it pleas


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