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This is sad news indeed.

Would have been awesome if Dovo could have taken over. I know that they have done this before.
Why is half of the first post referring to Angels Wrath?


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I would like to ask whom I can contact to get a refund to my bank account of the last transaction that was made to lekool?
This transaction was done about 2 weeks ago and I would have never paid 99 dollars if I would have known that the game will shut down a few weeks later on.

Kind regards,


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Reply 14# xianhu

2 weeks is considered a long time ago?I think Lekool has been falsely advertising warflow and the players should have received a notice months in advance and not a few weeks before it closes. Funny that you can still buy gold, shows that it's not a serious company.

Yes I have used the gold since it was an investment to get a level 9 gem and I ended up with a level 8 gem from the ranking event . I was during that time under the impression that warflow would not shut down, and that's my point if I would have known two weeks ago that Lekool was planning to shut down warflow, I would have never ever paid real money to get gold in order to get a gem. In other words, the 99 dollars is something that I have not been able to get any real benefit from.

I don't feel for playing your other games.

I would like to talk to someone else, I feel cheated.
Please direct me to the one in charge.


Hi guys,

Thanks for the great times we had together!
*no reference to another site or games*



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