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Hi Xianhu,

In the pics I posted, it's really easy to count how many mcus i use in the boat ( clear Boat need 17 mcus, but in the Rank only show i used 1 mcu so i lost 16 mcus. Acctually i used 27  mcus.

Just hope that You can add how many mcus i lost in the Rank. Not need  individual  gift code.

Thank you


Hi Xianhu
Can you refer to my post 8# in ... &extra=page%3D1 and take a look on my screen shots there? or send this SS to devs?
in 1 min i cant clear New Leaf - this is the time betwen two screen shots
i cant explaining on me how this happen - all is cleared and points are low
thanks in advance


xian thx for all your efforts but it is clearly not our fault that we had errors and losses that others did not have and although it is only a game it should be played fair for all participants.


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