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[Comp] Compensation for the error and reset issue

Hi all,
We are sorry for the error codes, bugs ingame and login problems after the new version, as well as wrong drop item from the boat event.

Now we are glad to see that the error codes have been fixed, ingame and login problems are also fixed. Let's hope those errors won't bother us any more. The past few days were really awful, not only for you, but also for us.

Here we would like to give some compensations, which is also our appreciation to your support to our games
Gift Code -- qguk

Gift Code contains, 1500000 Silver, 100000 Forage, 100000 Honor, 10 MCU, 50 Divine Jewels and 50 Lv. 1 Gems, expired at 23:59:59, Sep. 30. Please claim them in time.

Note: For those who have a large storage of MCU, you may fail to use the code because of this.
Thank you to your support to Warflow.

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Thanks a lot, our dearest!
There's no limit for self-improvement.


now the system is totally gone crazy. see the pictures without any comments. that is ridiculous!!! Do something but do it quick and better than before!

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nothing has been fixed at all!


Reply 3# rotring

   Sorry for the inconvenience, I've reported it to dev again. Dev would test your account if it's necessary. Thanks for your report and patience.
There's no limit for self-improvement.


ok thx. as you can see there is no most wanted, no city, no finished war areas any more, i cannot enter the boat and so on...


Reply 6# rotring

    Please have a check again since dev says that they've fixed it already, and send us feedback, thanks.
There's no limit for self-improvement.


pfff, gift code must be personal, sended on P.M.
my lost points in MCU Rank are still lost, somewhere in the air
everyone can use this code, but not loose nothing like me, rotring, conair and someone else(1-2-3 persons)
..... and nevermind again, we still have something

Thanks and greetings


it is almost fixed now (a little bug still in the war map but manageable) and i totally agree with yordadanyo that it is very unfair to give a gift now to all players instead to the ones that lost something.


we will talk to devs and see what can be done about individual loss, however i request that players dont get the hopes high. if it will not be possible to check the data of MCU use, then we cannot compensate on individual basis. this also takes a very long time


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