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[Patch] Warflow Version 9.0 Update

Warflow Version 9.0

--        God General
--        Optimizations

--        God General
1. Entrance: TC ---- God General
2. How to play: You will be qualified to meet with the God Generals with enough RP. Toasting will add to fondness, when the fondness is full, you can recruit the God Generals.

--        Toast
1. There are 3 wines you can choose to toast. Different wines will add different fondness points.

2. You can toast to the God Generals 10 times per day, resetting at 5:00.
3. There’re possibilities to get minor or sharp critical bounce while toasting, which will add more fondness.

--        Generals’ Introduction

1. It requires 10 million RP and 2000 Fondness to recruit the God Generals.

2. It will take up draft slots to recruit the God Generals.

--        Optimizations
1. Use gold to ensure 100% success rate for fylgja pulse, 1% success rate/ 1 Gold.

2. “One Degrade” has been added to Totem.
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