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account test for log problem since last maintenance

Dearest players,
    Dev needs to test the account with log problem, please supply the following information for the quick check:
     1. server
     2. IGN or UID associates with the IGN which can be checked from the user information on our forum
     3. screenshot
     4. problem specification since players have reported us various log problems.
     Our technological staff is check technological issues from our side at the same time.
     Hope it will be fixed as soon as possible!

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There's no limit for self-improvement.

spongebrain S3
Kritter S1


Reply 2# mikkibarry

   Thanks a lot, dear mikkibarry. But there's no IGN of Kritter in both servers.
There's no limit for self-improvement.


IGN : [S1]conair


Reply 4# tuananhktxd

   Dear tuananhktxd, I'm sorry but the backend shows that there's no the IGN of conair...
There's no limit for self-improvement.


IGN: .PiZet.
S1 Western front
this screen shots maked between 02:50 and 04:00  server time yesterday
this happen 2-3 min after my post in "News"

today i cant enter into the game from my mobile phone, i got same prompt boxes without last one


PS: i always clear my cashe when we have maintenance ;)
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Reply 6# yordadanyo

   Thanks a lot for your screenshot, I've reported it to dev for further check.
There's no limit for self-improvement.


hi again
no problrm, i was busy to upload screen shots early

PS: when i write above post i got disconection and too slow loading now
       7% around 5 min


Post Last Edit by yordadanyo at 9-25-2014 16:20

sorry, i edit this bcz was same like above post


Reply 8# yordadanyo

   lol, don't worry, I've also reported the loading and disconnection issues since hours ago.
There's no limit for self-improvement.


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