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Warflow Version 8.1 Update

--        Optimizations

1. Textile Optimizations
1.1 Textile Mill can be upgraded to Lv. 180
1.2 20 high Lv. clothes have been added. You can textile higher Lv. cloth to get more silver.

2. Rank Optimizations
More ranks have been added, you can get more salary if your rank is improved. New ranks are as following:

3. Trigram Optimizations
Trigram Exp. can be exchanged with Trigram Fr. and 800 frags for 1 Trigram Exp. 1 Trigram Exp. will add 10000 Exp. if been swallowed.
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Post Last Edit by lefogdart at 9-18-2014 16:18

800 frags for a trigram exp that gives 10k exp, deal of the year if you ask me!

On a more serious note, could you please consider to make reasonable prices?
It is not like you can farm these frags. To gather 100 frags takes enormous amounts of silver, and time spent on clicking, dragging in order to combine. I think the word Sisyphus captures how I feel.

Cost suggestions>
- Purple trigrams should cost 10 frags
- Orange trigrams should cost 50 frags
- Pink trigrams, I am aware that you can't buy them but they should be included for 100 frags.

As for the trigram exp, it should be lowered by a lot, preferable under 100 frags.
Or if you want to keep it at 800 frags, then it should be able to upgrade any trigram to max, including pink trigrams.

Thanks for reading!


I'll buy the trigram exp for 100gold. but exchanging for 800frags....... if any of you devs were seriously playing this game, then you should've known other players' feeling.


the concerns have been passed to the dev team


Pruple trigrams cost 20 frags and give 250 xp.
With 800 frags I can buy 40 purples which would also give me the 10k xp
So this exchange is of no use. Why wait to get 800 if you get exactly the same by spending 20 at a time?


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