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[Announcement] lekool Forum and Chat/Game Rules (Terms Of Service)

Terms of Use
! Q5 Z3 l! z, s: V$ M
You must be at least 18 years of age to use this Web site. Persons under the age of 18 MUST obtain a parent's or guardian's permission prior to using this Web site.) K6 h: i- N2 R& m
Forums / Chat / Messaging Rules3 q1 h, H7 P  v9 i: t0 G
We have not set out to limit people's freedom of speech or discussion. These rules simply strive to keep the boards on topic, productive and inclusive for all members. Accidental violation of minor rules will not result in strict penalties. We want our users to enjoy our boards and feel that these rules will ensure that everyone can equally.  v/ h# b' D! p7 S0 e8 i
. A# g. ^! {8 K+ m

1 s. X3 c& [# F* g1 V, ?& UInfractions
& a1 g' H) a+ k# }; h$ DCommitting Infractions at will result in a first warning, followed by temporary bans. If the issue becomes chronic, a permanent ban will be considered.
0 F" H, {$ s1 f5 z1 j# I& N1 {! C* For purposes of our rules, we will work under a 3 strikes policy. A first offense results in a warning. A second offence results in a 1 to 14 day ban and a third offense results in a lengthy and possibly permanent ban.
# L) \' Z4 B+ s/ h6 Y
" b: B8 U+ m( ~: Q! i0 b: a$ J$ F
•        Religion and Politics/ d3 ^; }+ a! k' s% W( }
o allows players to discuss and talk about ingame stuff and other topics freely but topic which might hurt the sentiments of the masses due to Political and Content of Religion. Hateful content includes, but is not limited to, discriminating comments about: race, ethnicity (what country someone is from), religion, age, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status and political beliefs. holds complete and total discretion to decide what is hateful. Such posts will be edited or deleted by lekool moderator staff.
$ k6 v( P$ f9 d3 z5 B$ {$ n4 X1 k% T5 ^( v
+ p" t3 `2 x* J1 R( i- k+ R" |
•        Language Policy- G9 |7 U$ z- h9 ^+ D
o wishes to create the friendliest atmosphere possible in our forums and on our site. As such, excessive use of strong language will not be tolerated. Ex: The odd "bad word" is fine. A profanity laced rant, on the other hand, is not. Discretion will rest with the moderators. Only English is allowed in Forums. Players can use local language in guild or private chat or private mails.
5 p4 r9 q9 y# ~6 o
* [+ t' [) m0 u8 w3 l( ~# d5 {4 r
/ f9 L) F4 R& J. ~1 P•        Flaming and Personal Attacks
% L0 |; ]# s7 G8 [% t
o does not tolerate personal attacks on other posters/players. Please keep your arguments and posts on topic, and argue the ideas and topics of the thread instead of insulting other users.
' B' E; T* I" J) D8 X1 ?o        Unreasonable or Unsubstantiated comments about specific or general games/admins/moderators will be penalized and treated seriously and promptly as seen fit.
' s5 N1 |, b* P
: Y9 T* e2 L" ], e1 ^5 p: |; W; Y9 B/ N. I  ?- F* u" K% O
•        Spamming / Referral Links
0 S8 z6 ~$ V! I  ~" S/ Oo        We encourage users to report posts, bugs or problems in game, Multiple Posts on same subject, advertising of other sites, promoting other online games or games in general, excessive capping and gibberish will be treated as spamming. Such posts will be edited or deleted by lekool moderators or admin. Posting the same or similar messages over and over again for the sole purpose of disrupting a board's activity/game chat is against the rules. Discussing or advertising unofficial servers or emulators for MMOs is not permitted on the forums.
) \$ y; w+ E$ E8 i- a+ F& S: S$ V2 T" [

. {' n8 K' e0 b2 [0 u  H•        Trolling

3 t  t* w4 r" Q0 k7 x# ]$ bo        Posting excessive negative comments or baiting others to respond in a negative manner is considered trolling on the forums. Such Players will be banned and posts edited or deleted6 N! w. E, k2 g1 h
3 e2 t5 @% `+ y+ o( J) d

% g: j# ]' C& J$ E( V7 q•        Copyright and Press Material
6 C% E$ r7 r- f5 J, e
o        Reposting material in its entirety from other sources is against our rules. Quotations from things such as news articles are fine, provided it is cited and (if possible) linked to. We ask others to respect our content and ask our readers do the same for other people's content.
0 \0 S3 G: m/ }
' F7 Q2 w6 }3 @, T" k
8 i8 Y9 y7 j* w•        Virtual Trading
! t4 ]: Y  V. H2 [  s! b8 a& Y) @o does not allow the purchase, sale, or trade of in-game assets, accounts, or power leveling services. All virtual currency transactions ingame or outside (to gain virtual currency/items) is considered final. Any activity which caused monetary loss or hack is punishable. Abusing bugs/problems which cause monetary harm to site or services, will be dealt with in immediate effect with deserved punishment. 4 B9 C7 P0 a$ b& A+ W2 B
Members are requested to report problems/bugs/hacks with payment or virtual payment transactions with immediate effect, failing to do so we will consider the person/group of person knowingly abused the system and such people/group of people will be banned from site. we will follow the matter in legal capacity if need be.
6 t* a- l9 ?5 S% P$ \0 e; X6 l( @' X! ~
! H% _9 ?% Y2 ]! w
•        Inappropriate Signatures or Hate Names ingame# i- x5 S, u& v  s3 _7 B7 x& P
o        Signatures may not contain material that breaches Rules of Conduct any Signature containing pornographic pictures, offensive words or pictures, links that contain or might offend the other players will not be tolerated. Such posts will be edited or deleted. Players with hate names are not allowed, they will be banned.
* V/ l! H5 c+ E% G9 ?; O  C$ P  {+ s# f! S" T. @6 s, _& E7 C1 y; j

# p' ~# ]; W, c•        Advertisements5 s  N+ c4 c6 w! t- V! P
o does not allow users to advertise products or companies in our forums/games. If you want to advertise, contact
) H: }0 {* a" A- ~2 a9 m# z$ {* \) P8 `

9 t7 X# w$ Z) l0 e  @9 ]& T6 b/ L•        3rd Party Programs
' R2 b4 P' t! N! m- X/ k  ~1 wo does not allow forum discussion concerning programs that go against a game's EULA. This includes, but is not limited to, third party programs to automate or gain an unfair advantage over other players. These does not include use of keyboard macros but bots/macros which spam servers with pings or DOS. Please check with your specific game's EULA/Admins for more details on what is or isn't allowed.
' r6 O0 a* e6 d$ U- w% s. O' T3 L/ [9 d" W

6 P0 J9 T7 l) z2 R" D3 l( T•        Pornographic Images & Posting Dirty Language( W/ n) U* w; z5 k( [% v+ I
o has subscribers of all ages and beliefs. Posting any pornographic images, content or links, no matter what the medium, will not be tolerated. At the discretion of the moderators and community manager, this rule will also be extended to include images of an erotic nature. Any posting which is dirty or associated with porno/sexual talk or content is not allowed, players will immediately be banned without warning for such postings
) f" C  U9 u; \8 d3 Z1 E. J/ p9 v3 P/ J' p8 X, ~+ N

) {8 w3 }1 \/ G) v9 `•        Illegal Activities
- s0 y  x6 {/ @8 F8 S! to        Either committing or the discussion of committing illegal activities at will not be tolerated. Illegal activities include, but are not limited to: illegal drugs, fraud, violence, hacking, software piracy, online threats and sexual harassment. As appropriate, illegal activities will be reported to the relevant law enforcement agency.
9 @5 @# X: b) y7 [* G; _) ?6 A7 T. t$ W2 Q" s0 N7 ]

$ `# Y* M- A- |•        Multiple Accounts
. N' l, k8 v  x) J+ ]3 Vo        If the staff of discovers that a user is creating and/or using multiple accounts, that user, and all accounts, both past and present, will be banned from we might also ban the players IP in such cases. In case You have a family member sharing a PC or Same Router/wireless then you will need to mail us a Valid Photo Identity Proof of the involved parties, Inability to produce a valid photo identity proof will result in ban of accounts or IP. Lekool reserves the right to ask you for other proof as well in case of doubt.; }. s3 H7 w, r/ V1 z# k) @& n

+ I% ?9 e' |: b/ `) v1 G8 u: V
) {0 F. p! x5 s: F+ J; q% G7 |•        Gameplay Moderation
: Y4 L& _8 p5 E1 {o does not moderate any aspect of normal gameplay; Normal gameplay here refers to the working of the games without bugs or errors. some of our games allow player vs player (PvP) combat and killing of other users characters in game, this is part of game and we do not moderate this. the game is made available to play as it is and some games will/might allow killings on open map or  arenas or dungeons or other parts of game.
# r  S. H* ~$ @5 `* S8 n$ }' B+ E: e! m2 ~2 V  D

% B! D# O# I4 T: m•        Posting Other's Personal Information Without Consent, j/ q% r% {  ~( M- R- l* b# V+ R, @
o        It is against our rules to post the personal information of other people without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to, email correspondence, contact information, photographs, Personal comments of rude nature, financial information and social security numbers. sensitive personal information (SPI) is not allowed in chats., B0 V, X2 {5 O7 K- k* L
It is to the moderator's discretion to decide whether or not the line has been crossed. We request players not to share personal details with any other player for your own safety, sharing details like name/location is at your own risk.   O$ `! S% O$ h3 ?$ K2 t
Impersonating a known player, member, Moderator, Game Master, or an employee of lekool - No matter for any reason is prohibited, Such actions will cause legal or other severe action/actions on such persons.
; }2 s8 q6 q/ D8 hNote: after the poll, Coordinates are allowed to be posted in World Chat.4 f# v$ d- `5 |: s# B" \% }

6 f( T" k: [1 z! s) X
, N8 s& V( f3 e•        Off-topic posts
  c( m+ p3 |9 u' q! x+ f3 Xo        Every topic has its own section for a reason, and we would like to help foster the habit of posting in the right topic and on topic. NO advertising or links are allowed in any sections of forums1 u. o% `  f( K5 x& `% d
" c$ K' `# X0 u( y+ x
5 A2 N, l" u* t; Z8 y' I4 W
•        Excessive Bumping of threads
% d, ^- M3 U& r2 I4 t& lo        Although it is allowed to bump your posts to raise your topic from the ground, doing this too many times a day will not only unnecessarily lengthen your thread, but will also be tantamount to spamming, all spamming will warrant a ban (temporary or permanent, the admin's decision is final in this respect)) R: g7 j4 C2 @) {$ o  s# t* d

: O3 [- `/ d5 X$ f7 h/ ^9 O9 C+ V" ~  s6 Y# S2 A0 ~2 r
•       Antagonism (deliberate hate posts without an acceptable basis)3 v  ]9 ~! o" K/ F% X- Q
o        Making posts like these will only disrupt our community and will cause an unnecessary commotion; so try avoiding making these topics (Posts like players quitting or getting punishment of any sort ) If you do have concerns, kindly PM any Admins/GMs they will be more than happy to be aware of your concern. under some special circumstances we allow players and GHs to post farewell threads only after admin's permission. making threats about quitting and causing issue in game might lead to account or site ban5 s: [' _- f0 A8 N7 S
( Z, Y* A' {& R* H" S

- d$ a! _* F6 H9 C, f, u9 C4 r•       Gold Transfer
4 n9 q1 |  U. l0 ^' V: K" E" J4 l8 ho        We do not Transfer any gold/items among players or for same players between server. Please do not request such transactions or requests at all. Under some circumstances like when a  payment is made to wrong server, under such cease. we might consider to transfer the gold but this does not guarantee or warrant that we are obliged to do so. we might consider and decide but the decision made will be final. we do not refund any item or gold lost due to players actions as well, please do not make such requests, they will not be entertained( O5 M3 {; H* e9 \; S& \
8 |: @3 m% a* C$ O) U, ]0 r

( Q9 Q" J& X5 o* ^4 D7 s) o' v" U•       Item Loss
9 {7 n" Y. C" y5 i; z5 x0 c4 H9 Zo        Any item lost due to players mistake or accident on part of the player or any other way will not be refunded or compensated. we are not responsible for any claim of lag/accident unless the whole server has the issue. lag, getting disconnected can be due to network issue on the players end or due to system not having enough resources like system gaphics. please do not claim or ask for any such compensation. in case of mass lag or other issue on end of, will compensate the players with suitable compensation. the compensation will be at sole discretion of lekool staff members as they deem fit.; r0 C6 J* y7 Z( N' `8 F% X" ]

( r0 l0 h1 n* A' i+ o7 X) @7 e5 l7 t# v& a- R
•       Ingame Trade% B/ h7 C& M: f. N) s
o        Any trade between the players or any sending of items is at the sole responsibility of the concerned parties, anything goes wrong or any loss arising out of loss due to such transactions is at the risk of concerned parties/players. since we dont know what terms you agreed to or what/who is wrong, please dont ask us to interfere or ask us for replacement of items. we cannot/will not help in such matters. if there are such matters, and any player tries to fraud you, they should be reported to us ASAP. So beware, during trade, make sure you have all items you agreed on. Please Never give any personal Details like Mobile/Landline Number, Paypal ID, Credit Card Numbers and/or email ID. we dont recommend this, any loss caused by this is your own fault. lekool is in no way responsible for loss at all.0 b2 d0 t; Y# F5 |4 m8 X
4 l9 F# R6 r% _" V( \) \
1 _) P, x. V1 H0 j9 Z; C: e
•        Account/Item Sharing & Transfers; Y, K: e8 a: A/ G1 u$ x+ ]0 t+ x$ _* F
o does not allow users Share accounts or transfer account/items, Under some special circumstances we allow players to have the account babysit, but for this the player needs to get permission from GM/admin or else it will be considered a case of multiple accounting. We suggest and Request that No player share account or any personal info with other players. You share account or items the players do it at their own risk and we are not responsible for any loss/refunds arising of such actions. we will take action on both accounts in case of any issue arising out of such action like being babysit/transfer of account.
8 T; I$ P* \: p2 x6 G" sbabysit/multiple accounts wont qualify for events, any player posting on behalf of babysit account or multiple accounts, will be disqualified from the event rewards.6 D( U4 d! L% b6 j" \( j8 G. Z
If you feel that any person/persons are trying to get the info, please PM a admin in forum or mail
* ^1 a! [4 _4 [& t* S# R! q- K; ?We are and will not be responsible for any issues/loss/refunds arising out of account sharing issue, any illegal activity by the sitter of account will lead to account ban so we request, Please Do not Share your account Information. Please also do not share account information with any Game Helper/ Game Master/ moderator. ( you can share account info in case of bugs with lekool official staff listed below)
% @. R# U) x0 F( F- ~6 `3 s- L! p  ~4 Z4 s. [0 U* p) j$ F
+ [# i$ ]$ G2 F; v" }
General Notice & Warning:) }2 E) W& {: H# H1 @& g
we understand that all players who have signed up on lekool, are of legal age and have a mature understanding.  many users use Private chat to hurt  other users by use of offensive/foul/pornographic language, we at cannot control actions in private chat and do not monitor private chat, if you feel harassed or threatened by a player, please first use the ingame ignore features provided, if the offender does not stop, then feel free to file a complaint using forum or email and we will take action against such players.  t3 A! H  b1 c. F  b+ I7 c
we also request and strongly recommend and request that players dont share private details with any other player, if you share private details like your name, email id, phone, social network id, you do so at your own risk and lekool will not be responsible for any repercussions arising out of such action.
7 L5 m& l$ e8 x, P/ pPlease note that any player is not allowed to blacklist a GM or admin or system (id applicable) under any condition
  J" J  K: ]$ i6 k$ d/ w, o% U$ K0 X  B( d
( {  |1 U: Y) i; m+ K
3 k( A) ?5 @" I- E- E
Steps for punishment:
" k7 r  R- @* Y, ^7 tVERBAL IN CHAT WARNING/FORUM WARNING - speak /warn the gamer via Post making sure that they know what they have done wrong and that next time they do it, they will be muted/ post deleted or account banned, please remember repeated offenders might be muted without warning. Any player found to be repeating the offense will be muted or Banned, such players may contact us at
( r. F" d2 ^( D  XPlease Note : Only english is allowed in our Forums  (Please do not spam or post Ads in those sections)/ @5 m* ~9 k  Y( B
                    Repeated offenders maybe muted without warnings or even banned temporarily./ h" K' D6 G3 D6 w/ b# y, g9 l$ M$ {
                   All and any events posted in lekool forums is exclusive to lekool registered players only/ p. c, C! ], b! B; G4 {5 T4 o. T' N
                   we reserve full right to mute or ban any offender without notice, notice/warnings are just a to show politeness and help resolve issue before it gets out of hand., o, R( X! I+ J5 R3 n( ?* j
lekool games
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Official Lekool Staff List

Lekool Official Staff List :
( J' J8 N: X+ W  r
8 Z8 k/ O$ B& F( BDear All,
* y# \& N: n9 dThis is the official Staff List of lekool, its the people who work behind the scenes or your primary contact for any problem related with games or any other issue at Lekoolgames.
$ y% ]: e) m5 f+ T2 ?5 J' R! [Please be careful and refer to this to avoid any confusion and fraud. Please do not give your login to any one expect the lead admins of the game.
' ^3 N& r: h7 [! V( c0 N
; D9 z* c8 R1 }+ n; bPrimary Administrators : Admin & lekool
% N# z6 l: t. z* i+ f(Do not mail them for any issues, these are just admin accounts and for staff who handle backhand stuff)! v" E; \$ X& j1 J& }
Lead Administrators : They are Responsible for any issues related to all games like bugs, problem with games, Backhand support, Events, Player Related Issues Etc
/ G' Y+ B/ f, W4 H& p2 `- h: zxianhu & GM_Sweetsusie 5 J0 a) O6 M) E1 Q

, n+ W0 B2 z( j2 POfficial GM List:  I' ]0 w0 }9 r) P/ Y5 h8 b; c
GM_SweetSusie -- Call of Gods & Thundercall
1 j' I5 Q2 d4 v: B. \# y8 Z, cXianhu -- Odin Quest, CS II, Siegelord, chaos rage and GP
7 b' k4 ]# k9 ^8 }# A3 l, M
% {5 Q( `9 L7 l6 h) T& y# h, Y
: m- ?/ c+ k- V- t4 sOfficial Mail IDs at lekool3 P- o* v9 J, e! S/ |+ M& r+ q -- for any issue related with lekool games like missing payment, Missing Gold, Suggestions Etc
6 o) z% `$ m* L2 y9 m- ~Support Ticket : for any issues related to game 5 H  B% ]9 [, f

: Y- _) V6 W. |8 t5 \4 a; D
, R2 j7 y6 x  T! ^7 H* A& ?1 P- ywe have Game Helpers who help players in the game, any player who is not a Game Helper or moderator and uses such name in the game or forums, will be considered breach of TOS and fraud. all such accounts will be banned
3 f. p. Z' C6 n+ k: Y: S4 u' H% w6 E4 {9 z
Thanks For All Support 2 C, @% Q) y# A( b& K! E
lekool team


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