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Hi Admin,/ k& p. }8 o5 [, {  u

7 p" t+ `" ^( [& p; V1 z6 c) nGood day..
( Z+ A2 f! N. L7 SI have problem issue about my account../ \2 E+ q9 I2 C0 n8 |
I am using GMAIL login for this account7 p: g# ~% b% G2 v
IGN: FataLErroR
4 ^) o8 x. w; UGame I play: TamerSaga
" L1 o, M+ i) WServer: (3) Wonderland
: L8 `* s2 _/ J5 fand I want to change my email address because this email address was
# v; M9 ~! M: z& P: r9 b1 Hmy cousin email., s3 A& D$ v+ w( |8 p
But after I login, I use the Update Account on
+ E) H/ H4 R. E6 |% {I click Update Email.9 W% C: O' o2 s' Z. ]
put OLD EMAIL and put the New Email as required.7 e' X8 \! d# P
then password is required too .# m7 b( M1 T- k; r( I& C5 H* b
But it always says that my password is incorrect.
; g1 l1 S: D! {) V* b+ L5 CI can login with my password but I can't change email.. o- \. [( ~6 O; N& e1 e' w6 Y

' o% r) J& I0 F& d$ V( [7 D. q4 FLooking forward for your fast and reliable response.
+ ^: ~- K9 q, K' ~7 d! q6 `Thank you in advance.4 f# `( U1 w' [/ g3 ]

( \, b. Y, i' O9 W- v7 ?Gamer
+ `3 a) Q+ I, tFataLErroR


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