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[Attention] Account Safety Notice

Dear Players,7 R% g8 j; w& [( v( V5 N9 T

" J0 z2 f  P- Xwe have got some complains about some players asking other players about account information or giving them links to illegal/malicious links to get some rewards or hack tools to get items or ingame currency.
" ^6 L7 C3 G- G7 d4 k# R- v: r8 T1 t. X2 y" b1 V8 n. s3 Z, w9 [, S8 I
We Strongly recommend that "PLEASE DO NOT CLICK, DOWNLOAD OR JOIN" any links or sites or tools which make such claims its a fraud site. Please pay attention to following information
; f5 g& E; {9 C" B5 W1.When entering your Lekool Games account information, ALWAYS make sure you are at or, phishers often make fake websites that look very similar to the original. don't be fooled by fake websites like http ://lekool-crystalsagaevent. lekool. com/   G" A- s- H$ o% O, G7 [$ B9 I

% }# Y, t0 B" I. _5 d2. Lekool staff or helpers does not ask any player for account information, so any one asks you for account detail, please do not give them such details and report such players or people to a official staff via forum PM, forum post,  or by mailing the lekool official email
. ~$ C2 Y! w0 j  G7 x: d5 e- z5 Y2 U6 I0 _
3. Please do not click any links given to you by anyone unless you are aware of risks involved. if you click any malicious link it is at your own risk and it can cause you to lose account/ data on your system or you can be a victim of identity theft or lose your personal details.  
9 p) A. b  {! d* S- u( ~7 E; N% O7 a! Q" v7 [- p* M4 r
4. there have been some reports of players giving other players links of sites and software tools that give you ability to get items or will give you free items. please do not trust such claims, they are false and just a way by which hackers or abusers get hold of your system or account. only trust giveaway from a trusted site and Always Remember that no site which does legal giveaway asks you for your lekool account/lekool username/lekool password.* a2 z7 d  a+ `; }' z7 L
software tools or hack tools work on games which have core files on your system and by modifying them, such tools or hacks do not work on online games which have files or data and game on secured servers. never trust such tools or site. clicking or downloading such files will cause harm to your system, can even create a backdoor to your system where hackers can access your details, personal files./ o0 g: n' p' v6 c) o. U
  d4 a) ^9 S; Y. Q
5. NEVER share your account details with any other player, we have had numerous issues where players have trusted their accounts to be sit by other players and they have abused the account. please remember its your hard work and time (for paying players, its also real money). sharing account is illegal without explicit approval of the site administrators beforehand' [8 e- f. l1 E

8 O) x6 n/ f& R5 }! ?, Q8 Q7 r2 `
3 y, }! K- {  HIf you have ever clicked any unwanted site or tool, get a good antivirus scanner and scan the system, change your password and if you have details like banking information stored, change them and call your bank immediately. 7 I# @, D& m* A  {
always use a good antivirus/malware tool on your system. always run periodic full system scan to be safe.
3 G* h8 Q& W  d, VIf you have shared your account with anyone, change your email and password immediately. if you need any help with this always mail ~0 i9 `9 n9 z6 z

% K, y7 h0 I+ NPlease be warned, account safety is the concern of account owner, if you click malicious sites or give account details to others or try using hack tools, remember Lekool Games is not responsible for any loss or damages. if a shared account is used for illegal activity, the account will be banned, so remember it is your loss not the persons who used it. We strongly recommend and request that players dont share private details like name, phone or address with any other player, if you share private details like your name, email id, phone, social network id, you do so at your own risk and lekool will not be responsible for any repercussions arising out of such action.' Q+ ~5 Z5 I1 g0 p% I% w* B/ u, {" }

2 Z4 N; r  O1 |8 m8 \$ B# C/ T/ r9 Q$ ^; |

9 p6 t! }# P6 {& T: ^7 i& F3 xThanks
* f3 a$ d1 O' g9 Zlekool team
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Well said. Also, it would be a great help if any players trying to get you to go to sites like this be reported immediately to either a GM or GH so appropriate action can be taken against said player.
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Thanks a lot, dear xian.
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Thanks for the information , xian


I'll keep an eye out.
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Reply 2# PenguinQueen 1 [9 J, ?$ B3 N! z, f

; J* }6 B# g! c
6 ]5 ?, k, v/ |0 v3 _6 Q" |& E. E$ T   A few GH have already reported this as we tried to warn other not to do it. So I encourage you all to warn your friends, guilds, everyone you don't know to avoid these problems.


Reply 6# Quanlucky 5 j5 D; A& a: y) H5 L

7 f- O% o6 g6 |
% _1 h& A: g( d. f    ya ive been doing what i can to raise awareness of the matter with cs players so hopefully no more fall to it. lets just hope the matter can get taken care of before it gets any worse
The light shines its brightest only when surrounded by shadows...


i have a slightly unrelated idea: all recruited heroes in senatry being able to be trained without "vip" thing. it puts unfair pressure on those who play it without planning on spending $$$. i think it should also eliminate the idea of exploits, making it cost silver instead. silver is replaceable moreso than exploits.


i can't open my account
/ ]6 j! J6 q/ S, XOQ-server 1
& Q" i! W6 ^% M$ ?. G, X; }( B& rname:Salve


Reply 9# 51286d7f66437
1 K% {" e4 d$ ~# H& g1 h3 b+ b$ r" s  s: S, K1 G
: @6 D8 p3 x5 t+ c% d
    Hi, what is the error message you've got? Have you also try clearing cache or using direct link?


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