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[FAQ] Tenets System (stats)

This FAQ will address the following questions. You should all be aware of the basic description which is provided in the Tenet System interface. I'll put it here though just in case.

I. How many tenet levels are there and how much wisdom is needed?
II. What are the stats provided at the end of each tenet level?

I. Tenet Names & Levels Note: Each Tenet requires that EXACT amount of wisdom required to max. It doesn't go off the previous amount.
I.I. Magic Tenet - 7,485 Wisdom to max [ WTM ]  =  150 PoW / 4 GPoW
I.II. Element Tenet - 17,480 WTM =   350 PoW/  9 GPoW
I.III. Nature Tenet - 27,775 WTM  =   556 PoW/ 14 GPoW
I.IV. Mortal Tenet - 38,810 WTM =    777 PoW/ 19 GPoW
I.V. Spirit Tenet - 54,220 WTM =     1085 PoW/ 28 GPoW
I.VI. Regal Tenet - 64.970 WTM =   1300 PoW/ 33 GPoW
I.VII. Oracle Tenet - 79,970 WTM = 1600 PoW/ 40 GPoW
I.VIII. Sage Tenet - 96,655 WTM =  1934 PoW/ 49 GPoW
I.IX. Demon Tenet - 118,585 WTM = 2372  PoW/ 60 GPoW
I.X. Holy Tenet - 151,725 WTM = 3035 PoW/ 76  GPoW
I.XI  in total  -  657,675 WTH  = 13154 PoW/329  GPoW
II. Stats of Each Tenet

Magic Tenet | Element Tenet | Nature Tenet | Mortal Tenet | Spirit Tenet | Regal Tenet | Oracle Tenet | Sage Tenet | Demon Tenet | Holy Tenet

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Q, each tenet gives this stats or u need to minus the previous total from current one to know how much stat that particular tenet is giving


Reply 2# Roronova

   they add up from the previous..


So first one gives 2140 HP and second one gives 5564 so when second one is open fully u get 7704hp total on opening second on opening 3rd one its 7704 (1st+2nd) + 10272 3rd one so when 3rd open up total HP is 17976 correct


Yes, all the blue bubbles and yellow bubbles all accumulate to equal the full amount in the center where it will say Lv. 9 (Name) Tenet.
The amount you see in the next Tenet is not an extra amount from the previous amount, rather, it's all accumulated to equal one full total amount which is in the end results, what you will get at the Holy Tenet.


Surprise! As of February 12, 2015, there are two additional levels after the Holy Tenet: Ancient > Chaotic.

The Ancient Tenet will take a total of 189,000 wisdom to master. The stats is as follows:

The Chaotic Tenet will take a grand total of 233,550 wisdom to master (not going off of the previous Tenet's required wisdom). Its completed stats is as follows:
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