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[News] Lekool Tamer Saga Server 2 Launch News

Lekool games today announced the launch of 2nd server for one of their popular games Tamer Saga ( is a free to play Anime styled MMORPG browser based game that is set in the fairyland world with cute toon-styled characters.
. S# ]* w, j7 j/ l: D+ v1 M" ?9 pTamer Saga’s 2nd server “Heroic City “will be launched on the 21st November, 2013 at 7:00 PM Pacific US time
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% [6 _. L9 ^! uTamer Saga is set in a magical world, where the game puts the players as adventurers and allows them to explore the thrilling story line and navigate the virtual world.  The game allows players to select from four different classes; the playable classes are warrior, mage, priest, and ranger. These four classes cover the fighting styles of melee soldier, spell caster, and bowman., \; {8 ~$ M$ X0 J5 X$ g8 }9 h
Tamer Saga has an in game quest system where the adventurers follow those quests and fight NPC’s. The players also recruit different types of pets which have varied abilities.  All pets are split into one of five categories; Sprites, Beasts, Demons, Dragonking, and Humanoid.2 ]4 i  [+ M0 W4 Z# J
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Features:7 x0 P7 n8 {, Y3 V2 Q8 \; ^
-        Class and Pet System* z) y0 G3 p! U( C) B
-        Toon Styled characters
. K+ g1 M+ A6 i- I8 V1 F2 m-        PVP and PVE battles: U3 ?2 ?% G- n2 e
-        Pet and Marriage system2 c9 O7 v2 m& ^2 a" L. ^3 o/ {
-        Guild system
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