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[Notice] Lekool Forum optimization

Dear Players,
! \- W. y( j5 k* C+ D  X5 Y+ M1 Y4 [7 U" D
we have optimized our lekool forums to make things easier to players. we plan some more changes to the forum so it is easier for the players to use them. some changes are1 c" x2 n% ]5 f/ B% P7 V3 w# i
News and Event sections are now combined.
' m+ b9 k: B# |$ A( U* P: |1 U$ wBattle report and suggestion sections have been removed." _- p" D( U, g! m9 `
4 q: `- ?, t; `, i* @+ B
Players can now find events in the news and events section% t9 a6 `, q# ]" ?2 F
players can post suggestion, general topic about the respective games and their views or comments about game related issues in the General Discussion topic
  o2 N1 a! X) |6 u1 i' |  o  X3 C3 p/ I. u7 v  j' r* H
we have not deleted any thread made by anyone. so please do not worry about it, the work is still under progress and we plan to make a unified Off topic section% `1 s& o' P$ h! X5 l* C

$ k$ Z3 d) y& P) @" ^, }Thanks
2 X: f! K0 v0 {( C6 Vlekool team
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