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[Notice] Star Supremacy shutdown notice

Dear Players, - ^2 m  ?. }, M# T# r
% Y5 \* Y9 h( w8 |
Despite our best efforts we must announce with great sadness that we must still shut down Star Supremacy.5 o+ B" F. i0 g* g/ ~, M1 X* V7 g
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We are deeply and sincerely sorry about the forced closure. We know that it is hard for everyone involved; those who spent countless hours and money in the game.
0 g" c, M4 B$ s3 I% ~- j  C' @1 xThe game will be shut down on 15th May 2013 at 23:59 PST time.
, L; z9 Z# l: M9 M5 o6 _% }3 }; O" B+ l2 |2 n: b4 c
Every game has a life cycle and we will work hard to get more new exiting games on LeKool.
' W# r+ K1 M' L" f) B% D+ t4 V  [' V% ~! G6 J
We will be giving the players Star Supremacy compensation in the game of their choice on LeKool. Any player who paid on the game will be given gold worth the total purchase on any current LeKool game of their choice.
* Z  w) i4 k- c! x) jPlayers who have not paid, will be given a handsome compensation to help kick start the game of their choice.  If you do not have a character in any other LeKool game, we invite the players to join Angels Wrath and we will give you your compensation in the game * b" P/ N, p- S  G
The compensation package will be posted in the respective forum within 48hrs3 m; {: I! l" ?
4 \9 K+ `9 h( D0 X  `" r# b
We appreciate and hope that you can pass this message to other players and your league mates and other players, so they all know.
0 V. z& V4 m  N
' g* |/ c$ [, M- N! c7 XThank you all for your understanding and support' z1 s( l' e3 Y) _- T) d
Lekool team
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GM Cherie

Here to help you as best I can so tell me whats wrong and lets get it fixed together.
But you got to help me to help you as I cant work miracles



I love the game but it died a long time ago.  Barbily had a great idea but not a clue how to implement it.
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Thank you LeKool for doing the right thing.  I appreciate it.


The compensation package will be posted in the respective forumwithin 48hrs
6 V9 n/ q' x0 U3 g; h; T

, [" I' W" o/ m7 ?( L) [, aIt is well past 48 hours.  Has this information been posted yet?  If it has will a mod please post a link to the post.
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3 |: |# @5 c3 Y2 j: v
8 f/ C- ?& a* G& j$ c$ H- nThanks


hello,+ V7 C( `% M5 S" S+ d
please refer to this thread, its posted here ... &extra=page%3D1% ]7 A# k/ [" x# E* e% h


Thank you.  As always you are most helpful.


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