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Be Gorgeous and Powerful in Wings System on OQ

Equipping Wings will make players looks gorgeous and increase the power at the same time.

The Wings System will be available for players who reach lv50 or higher. Players can enter Wings System by clicking Inventory-Wardrobe, or by selecting Profile-Equip-Show Wings.

Note: Only one of Show Wings and Show Skin of Profile can be selected.

My Wardrobe

1. Wings will be exchanged with 50 Wings Jigsaw Frags.

2. 2 Ways to obtain Wings Jigsaw Frags: a) Exchange with 100 Cross-battle Reputation b) drops in dungeons

3. Parts of special Wings Jigsaw will be purchased in Shop

Double click corresponding Wings Card to equip it. The unactivated Wings show as dark and can’t be equipped.

Select the activated Wings you wanna equip to equip. After the Wings have been equipped, the Wings will be displayed on character and Show Wings on Profile panel will be selected automatically.

Quality of one kind of Wings contains Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Green Wings will be activated at first and other higher Wings will be activated in Upgrade system, which will be released in near future.

There are 3 states of Wings in Wardrobe:


Wings with different qualities have corresponding Basic Attribute and level.


Note: Basic points of Skill Accuracy and Skill Dodge, which can be enhanced, of all qualities Wings are same and will increased with enhance level. All Wings no matter what quality they are will obtain same enhance bonus. Basic Attribute, which isn’t influenced by enhance level, will increased with Wings quality.


1. Plume Stone will be consumed per time in Wings Enhance. The Plume Stone can be purchased in Shop;

2. Players can exchange with 10 Plume Frags, which will be obtained in Daily Alliance Dungeons for 1 Plume Stone.

3. Safety Token and Luck Token will be used to increase the success rate in Wings Enhance. 1 Safety Token can be used at most. At most 5 Junior Luck Token and Senior Luck Token can be used in total.

4. Players’ all items used in Wings Enhance, which is composed of Safety Token, Luck Token, Lucky Crystal, Plume Stone and Wings of highest level, will be listed in blank of right side of Wings Enhance panel.

5. Enhance level will be decreased if enhance failed (0-10). Using Safety Token in Wings Enhance will make sure the level won’t decrease if the enhance failed. Luck Token will increase Enhance Success Rate and the Success Rate can be multiplied.

6. Success Rate won’t influenced by Alliance Bonus, Wealth Bonus or VIP Bonus.

7. Enhance level bonus will be obtained by 4 qualities of one kind Wings. It means players just enhance one quality of one kind Wings will enjoy the enhance bonus for 4 qualities of one kind Wings.

For example, player enhances Angle Wings with enhance+10, Angle Wings of 4 qualities of Green, Blue, Purple and Orange will be enhance+10.

8. The attribute of Wings can’t be transferred and the Wings can’t be improved.

New function of Flying Wings, Wings Upgrade, etc, will be released in near future. Please stay tuned!

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There's no limit for self-improvement.

lovely wings


how long this event gonna be?


Reply 3# ryanignalaga

   Hi, it's a new game system, so it never expires except the game system changes, hehe.
There's no limit for self-improvement.


Oh great Thank you


but, the wings fragment won't drop anymore after this MT right?


can any plume stone color be used? Where do you get plume stone fragments that aren't purple?
(Purple plume stone frags can be recieved from the Ancient Gulf energy altars)


Reply 7# DementedAngel

   plume stones dont have different colors. they're just plume stones.


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