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[NOTICE] Looking for people who are good with Youtube

Dear All,
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lekool games is looking for players/people who are good with aspects of you tube like marketing, video creating, video editing. if you feel that you have what it takes and fit for this then join lekool.
' m- G6 `3 S( y  n7 Smail us the following details at
1 W3 m0 E- F2 y& Z  U; R" ^Real Name --
% \9 G2 I+ i2 j( x) S0 oLekool Username --! P# d7 y) |$ Z9 n5 Q
Date Of Birth --% j4 b2 A+ C) c) T  Q4 q: X
City --6 y1 g- s2 X  R4 _3 w
Country --
- C% _% U) }+ S9 p7 d9 `Phone No --. \/ e; \# L( `3 n* C' \
chat client ID --8 j: _0 a; d) M3 e8 V
email ID --
9 G: M, @# Z9 N( l' vsample work -- links will do fine
) ?6 O  a+ b$ _2 ^: f) D) w) L$ {& z: X+ m% F: I
All selected people will be sent the details in the mail reply. if you are good, we will pay you ingame gold + real cash4 R/ r" V3 d! U. k7 b1 W

2 O1 V8 s2 T9 [9 ]0 f. wThanks
/ ?, Q6 W# U# E+ r" Z4 Clekool team
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OPs.. Raeally
"Akila Nalinda Fernando"




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