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Standardised quiz and event rules for all games

Standardised quiz and event rules for all games# J8 m  }7 S1 }- k
In game Quizzes0 q0 k. R) U* ?
1 All answers to be in world chat and in English
  z" N& A( C5 O* M7 ?6 A2 Spelling, near enough can be good enough where ever possible.  If it is a requirement then it will be stated in the question such as for an Anagram.
$ v0 V+ Y1 v6 N( G5 A' X: m. Q& i3 A mute warning will be given before the start of the quiz, no further warning will be given, so be good and enjoy the fun too. If muted you could forfeit your prize- v2 m) C! ]# e2 w5 Z% Q8 J, h
4 Winners can only win once during a standard quiz, if there are bonus rounds you can answer again." j8 I6 t* t7 `3 u1 o5 C
5 Anyone may answer quiz questions.
" k  e; @/ F  d! z# h6 Quiz times and types can vary between games1 o  A& b; Z1 B% x/ Z2 w1 |
7 All prizes are not transferable between players, servers or games,
: N( C% c& |1 A5 {# v: y6 }8 All winners will have their names posted on the forum, [3 H  }: {  @% ]
9 All decisions on winners will be final; any arguments will be resolved by a gm.
2 j5 o  Z# t7 O' C7 z% l4 ^$ v7 e! w. `: p/ l8 L+ h
Forum based Events and Quizzes
: G4 G" ~% u& I) i0 a
/ ~4 H9 y- M5 C$ j) y1 All answers to be in the correct format as shown in the original post.3 N9 r; J3 ?9 }0 p7 z( d6 F
2 Players may answer a forum based quiz/game/event but the gh/mods/gm are to be excluded as winners unless its state they can in the post.( O6 |3 u8 }; T& s& i( K, i) H  w7 @
3 Edited posts will be excluded from the winners9 |7 s% i. z- B8 \" o  r
4 If there are specific rules to the quiz/event they will be cleared by a GM/Admin before posting of the event.
; U3 ]2 E# [* o1 ]: l( M) T- y5 All decisions on winners will be final; any arguments will be resolved by a gm.
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GM Cherie

Here to help you as best I can so tell me whats wrong and lets get it fixed together.
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Reply 1# GM_Cherie ; E- F8 l* f3 B& t2 Y) Z1 {

, m* u1 x+ M# b( B# d& GWhen Does The Quiz Start
5 R( e. {3 m6 d- \9 V
" S  }/ [2 t. V$ ~3 g" d' v- {
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