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Game Helper Mute Request Guidelines

The following is the mute guidelines all gh/mods and GM will now be following in game, o% A! V7 R/ Y8 x% J! |

( v2 H' o/ x/ y; O7 g3 dGame Helper Mute Request Guidelines: f4 I8 @! W0 z5 Q8 v+ o; o# n

; N! _9 {* y; v5 I. n* o1 tThe following is a quick guide to the mute rules. Use this only when the chat absolutely needs to be sanitized. For the most part, we should respect the fact that players are here to have fun. Only excessive bad behaviors as listed below will be warned and punished:# Z4 J6 p- E" C+ u; c, a8 B

9 l3 u* y. t" b/ c, FNote that mute should be last resort, do not get too rough with players, try divert their attention when bad languages are starting to be used or pm the players in question, try to be understanding and sympathetic. If you feel you can’t resolve the issue or help the situation, get someone else to help or calm the situation down.
5 C1 a# Z. N( g( ]' S) e
7 m; a) l2 o4 Q; y1 @8 sPlease only warn individual players in a pm where ever possible.  If it is a group of players then only warn in Public chat.  This will ensure a friendlier chat and a less policed look. Please only do the following actions if the player does not listen to your pm warnings and as a last resort.
# ~( N$ v- k+ U+ P2 ?
7 W. |: N) M" SMute Action Procedures:
9 O: ~% a6 w3 c
9 W' |6 r# R) A$ Ha.       Warning the player is compulsory before requesting a Mute: d1 S6 Q( d6 k4 j+ z! A# I
+ C3 Q( Y) A' F1 U2 q% G: S
b.      All mutes require you to post a screen shot in QQ
) S  M# F! u. i% x
) ^; I: Z1 _5 J6 v$ rc.       We consider excessive to be more than 6 times.! V/ F8 q& L, o3 R
. w9 A' I/ @3 L3 f
d.      The standard mute will be 60 minutes for all offences listed below, any longer mute must be authorized by a gm/admin
" o8 K$ y# ~* C: V. D* @  T& K4 T7 q& W" ]5 t8 {6 X9 K- Q
Actions by Players:" C# X0 Z! z" a2 e( C$ ]

& y3 a9 \6 C$ j, o8 MThe following are actions in Public Chat we want to try to avoid, remember warn first in pm!
! T: y0 y: r5 F; D! I! _8 i4 B5 T# y
7 I! |5 [. W% n0 J( T7 P' L- v  Q(Public chat is any chat that is not private chat or guild/union/clan chat)
9 Y/ N& X: L# Y1 `" j' a+ s+ c7 T9 r3 b1 n% k. x2 q% w
0 Q4 Z! v- S4 a- R' n' c
' D3 v. D& J9 }
a.       Flood/Spam: The Players should not post similar messages in chat excessively any flooding warrants a mute after initially being given a warning in pm.
+ N' L. x; F% U& p0 M  L# V1 @0 [" g0 c  Z* D1 q8 o
b.      Rudeness, Insults, Foul Language, Veiled Cursing: The Players are not allowed to use excessive rudeness or foul language. Furthermore you will be punished for insulting others. Warn as necessary dependent on the severity again. If it is caught by the in game filter there is no need to warm. That is why it is there.
1 k1 s: K% v  X. s; c# c, ?4 ?- R& @4 @' P; j
c.       Graphical Images: The Players are not allowed to swear, use rude images, insult or abuse the rules in any other way by use of a graphical image. Please report such players if they are repeat offenders to Admin and keep an eye on them.- G& S4 ^# k) Q$ O9 g8 U' l9 Z

( f7 A5 x0 e$ f$ W7 Z0 q, vd.      Distributing Links not related to Lekool games: You as well as Players are forbidden to distribute links that are not related to Lekool Inc. Please request a mute for all players that post links to other games if they ignore your warning, take a screen shot and notify the GM to your game. Other common links like sharing YouTube video or sites which are helpful like Wikipedia are allowed. Discussing other web based games in Public Chat is forbidden and should be warned and if ignored muted/as necessary, but if it shows Lekool in a positive way in comparing sites you may ignore it. Pornographic sites, hack sites and other sites which may be harmful are not allowed at all please warn then request a mute, and report to a GM/Admin saving a screen shot please
" d% i! i* @8 Z" Z6 c/ s( T9 _7 _! ~: ^  z5 `* Y1 t5 O
e.       Real Life Threats: Will NOT be tolerated at all for any reason. We also reserve the right to ban the users IP in these cases. If they do not respond to your pm warning, please request a mute, take screen shots and report to GM/Admin.
+ H. |3 v- ]$ k1 R: l3 t
0 e/ p5 \! l8 E/ r7 S; [! z1 gf.        References to illegal drugs: Illegal drug references will warrant a mute after an ignored pm warning.
7 k4 V# l6 A: r0 x0 g0 `+ ^
/ }0 y1 M) i1 o& K& Qg.      Allowed languages: The official language of this website and all games on it is English. However, for non English players, they should not be muted for innocent offense. They should be suggested to use google translator as this is an English server and they need to speak a language most can understand in world chat. They can speak their own language in LC and PM. 2 j, h7 w% j# ]( D+ S
' F3 Q9 F1 L& D! D

( W4 f5 R6 U; ^3 Ch.      Selling characters/Accounts: Selling characters and accounts is forbidden. Please pm a warning, If caught again, please notify an admin or gm and in such cases save chat logs as proof.: Z7 ?" w% J, {/ ^% F( f

  _+ S5 h5 v0 V1 x  }8 p! n! o1 bi.        Racial Remarks: Racist comments are not to be tolerated and should be warned that this is not acceptable behavior in pm followed by a mute request if they fail to respond. If severe then take a screen shot and report to a gm or admin,
8 r" F) N2 |" _. n  x. N
4 @( o& P- X, c( }6 e/ C0 ?  E6 s, v& k) d6 E8 ?
7 Z4 J8 o& ~5 i8 y4 f( c
Violation of Terms and Rules:( f1 y0 t6 H  c. l9 Z, H
. R4 V! D+ a* C
Violating any of the mentioned above terms and rules by the player or the helper himself; will lead to a disciplinary action or may lead to a ban for the player or the helper removed from his position.
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GM Cherie

Here to help you as best I can so tell me whats wrong and lets get it fixed together.
But you got to help me to help you as I cant work miracles

. U. |6 r0 r- p+ S# p

4 G& {; [. r0 U4 e4 qIt is a year ago that I arrived on Lekool almost to the day!
0 L# }2 X5 ?5 P& e7 y+ VThe first thing that always struck me was how the policing system was so dramatic and the total disregard for players was displayed. I stayed and more and more enjoyed the comunity of players I met online. Slowly they have been erradicated and there has been little acknowledgement of the player loss by Lekool.- D$ t$ A) s$ L, J1 |0 o
5 {* _4 F- d6 E3 x+ g, z& O
It is a pleasure to see that finally some reform of the policys are starting to take place.
9 g& ^; d2 P6 j$ `4 q" {, l  N$ S% C* ^) q" Z. M
I have always disliked the way a player who accepts a role to help administer the games quickly changes into a really anti - player type of attitude!
/ x; Q& k, R( t6 O2 P  WYour changes and control of admin is applauded Cherie and hopefully over time staff players will become more comunity based and not just consider their accepted roles as a way to wield autocratic powers.: _+ J2 i$ @$ N7 @( l! {
8 a! [" H# Z2 v; t# I% K7 R
While the game list is waiting for the next big thing (R.I.P Caesary) it is the true community players who should be nurtured and I am saddened to read on the Senatry forum of the loss of some of the the more active players.
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why than is the player "fu-ker"  muted on s2?
0 @+ c! \7 x4 u2 C, ~: q$ i( \; \6 D9 q1 o; X: Y, u* G8 Y  f
the guidelines do not make any mention of such fact


well, we all hear f u k e r word in everyday life why he should be muted ?: j& c0 u+ h& q, S  C3 j
as mentioned it is not against ur post and p+ ther is freedom of speech which u are not allowed to take away unless its Real Life Threats!


1 y) B+ Z" ^* f+ |: |5 z3 K9 S


Reply 3# 4e759c538c911
$ Y& l4 ]% T4 S" d
/ {; b3 a! a: v* p! O
% a+ e2 d5 K5 z4 t1 A/ b( ~   Player **** on s2 might be offensive with other players but your friend.Or He must have sweared or his IGN **** when he was chatting for example : D7 o, h8 R# o. |
Player Ant& W6 s" N" V$ ]' x6 ^# h- D
& G3 X% P+ d) f# ]+ J
# R6 v* Y7 V0 r; Z* C8 X****: Ant

The GM must have heard it has **** Ant.
8 u6 L. ~7 W  I" V: QWhat we hear is heard
, R0 B# }) H+ o8 A, CAnd what we see is What we think
$ ^; m- r% U- XFor Example an Magician ! F5 A* ~0 }' C7 Q5 t- z
What eyes sees mind belives


Reply 6# jubinsaji11 2 I! R# l* \5 B# g0 `# u4 i

5 @7 Z  b  |2 S- b3 x9 |
1 I2 _0 n! g! e! gHi, I would really appreciate it if you would remove that sig. I made it for a friend. If you want a sig it would be more polite to ask for one. Thank you.


You can request a sig to be made for you here ... &extra=page%3D1





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