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[News] Call Of Gods S4 launch Notice

Call of Gods is a free RTS/RPG online browser game, which has a loyal and huge following already. LeKool Games, one of the leading global publishers of free-to-play online games has just announced the launch of Call Of Gods, Server 4, Bellona.
' \0 L, [( I& n4 l: xThe Call of Gods, Server 4, Bellona, will be launched on 5th April 2012, 7:00 PM PST
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' @1 ~% m' ?  D5 `Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser game of MMORPG & SLG genre.  It integrates both RPG and SLG elements, which makes it different from other RPG games in so many ways.  Call of Gods allows players to have a vivid gaming experience in terms of both graphics and battle system. Following in the footprints of Server 3 CoG, Server 4 will be a Tournament server as well, which will enable players to win cash and prizes. To commemorate the opening of the new server, LeKool will be hosting new events and also organizing some awesome giveaways for players.8 ~1 Y& S, u# @5 |9 V' y
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Start the game by selecting one of 3 different races: human, elf, or undead.  Produce strong units and build castles to strengthen your troops.  Recruit powerful heroes, arrange different kinds of units with unique equipments to carry out quests, adventure in the dungeons, or battle with other players. The customizable options are near endless. The game has great graphics and every attention is paid to detail, like buildings, terrain (deserts/grasslands etc), unit type and heroes. Take part in PVP & team battles where not only do you need brute strength but clever tactics to beat your opponents. Different from other web-games, COG will provide you the aid of your friends and your powerful alliance to help you explore the new world and conquer it.
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Call of Gods Features:
" A1 z. [: s4 B- V! lIn-depth and interactive game guide – COG gives you a detailed guide and quest system to help you level up your character and guide you through the game7 J) V1 X, J2 S2 d

5 K  S# \3 A. r( ZBeautiful Graphics – Animated battle System with beautiful 3D graphics.; O  l& b& H( _6 d$ o5 r
8 a' r: }( ]& b( |) v0 {6 X2 W' W+ C
Arena System --  Test your own strength by challenging other players with the most powerful troops. Not only that, can you defeat the best player in Challenge Combo to get Gold?; T4 M6 w: l3 c% i( _
  J* [5 ]: i6 f" H* T! O4 R2 |. ^
Team Attacks – Players can team up and combine heroes and troops to battle dungeon bosses. Or travel solo and take on waves of NPCs in numerous ever challenging dungeons.& T  F! o& Y4 x8 a/ j
8 v! p- ~' @* P+ o5 y' s
Alliance Quests & Upgrades – Join an alliance once you reach level 10. Players in an alliance can complete special alliance quests for exclusive upgrades. Alliance upgrades benefit all members. Plus battle other Alliances to gain valuable rewards

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Join The New Server launch and get a chance to win awesome rewards, startup gifts and amazing in-game events
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