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Play Lekool Games from Mobile Devices

Do you want to continue to upgrade your games while you are on the go? Do you want to join your guild mates for the alliance war while you are not in front of your computer? Lekool Game is recommending Splashtop to everyone who want to play lekoolgames on ipad, iphone, Kindle, Android and many other mobile devices. 7 Q, e" J* R# u

& T% W/ m: g8 `  D$ J" l" l$ gLekool Inc. is a fast growing browser game and social game developer and publisher. The company has published over 10  popular web games of 2011 and launching more wonderful games in 2012, Call Of Gods, Ninjawaz, Rich$tate, Senatry, Dragon’s Call, Business Tycoon, Fantasy of Swords, Lord of Ages, Warflow, and Legends of Xian and has won the award as the “Company with  Most Potentail” at the 2nd Browser Games Summit held in China as well as “Most Popular Game Companies” by Lekool is Planning to launch 3-4 new 2.5D to 3D games in the first quarter of 2012.* f1 A" N% Z, {

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Splashtop Inc. is a privately held software company based in San Jose, CA offering a family of Splashtop products that improve the computing experience across a range of devices for people around the world. The developers of “Splashtop Remote Technology” Splashtop Remote allows a user to remotely connect to a main computer from another computer or mobile device to access content or run applications.' u* M1 q6 r+ @3 a

, m0 P% }4 C" d, s- ?" ]Both lekool and splashtop now bring to you a great app which allows you to stay connected with your favorite lekool game on the move by making it playable on your iOS Device like IPad, IPhone and other Mobile devices. Download the app and Play on the move.   Z; O0 B0 B1 y
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" r) s( ]0 t( Q- t9 f' xSplashtop Remote Desktop for iPad which connects to your Mac or Windows computer on your iPad from anywhere. The app runs in the background and provides secure access to the system from any mobile app in the Splashtop line. This currently includes iOS, Android, and webOS. With Splashtop Remote Desktop, you can fully access and control your computer in any way imaginable. The great ability of splashtop desktop remote is that it also lets you  stream audio and video remotely to the tablet.
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•          iTunes:  "Top 20 Best Selling iPad App in 2011"* h: x. P- j* w$ P5 [
•         Top 3 best selling app on Kindle Fire;  325k+ downloads on a single day (1/6/2012)!!% U5 |/ s( K9 D: @& |
•         "Best webOS Tablet app of 2011"0 _3 E2 E9 A3 J4 L
•         #1 iPhone paid app in China, France, & Finland; #3 iPhone paid app in Japan & l4 q4 i" w+ K1 B
•          Android Market "Top New Paid App"# w; V% W# R0 {7 S
•         #1 MAC business paid app in 45+ countries

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Download the Splashtop remote Desktop here
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Nice pic though! Good to see you here. Are you back for some cog or Crystal Saga?


Reply 70# ElmerFudd
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If you are using iphone, it doesn't support flash. That's why you need to install the flashtop to play the games remotely.


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