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We Need You if you can Translate Chinese Part II

We Need You if you can translate Chinese
0 T; }, f" `# k/ U/ h: Z! D( k, o! ?4 z: s# z" s& o1 w9 O8 V! f$ ?  \' e4 a$ k
h9 p. C4 {- [% M' {: Z
0 g2 W- E) y4 R8 t7 u' J
5 W" V  F+ S# H  bWe need your help!!!!, S6 a: ^, L( o9 g
  U% E: r, P$ z# P3 h( }Are you both fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English? Written only; |$ M+ f. Y: `$ T/ G" L' ]+ D7 T4 F- L
Want to earn some great in game rewards?: B9 h, p* z! q! F4 h% `8 P& r+ o$ r; c. X
Have some free time to spend translating chinese for us?2 |6 s  |2 B; m8 w0 B
Urgently need help in translating new Games for Lekool6 R+ u$ w# O0 X# @! e
So please help us in some upcoming translation work# R8 j% y. m; D! N
4 z# E* `6 Z9 r+ D  ^8 Z( y: @4 _9 C
If you feel you can fill this much needed role in our team please do email an application to & CC to  and gm@lekool.com1 ,,  ?! g  R8 p: P' }/ a) e' d$ F1 D6 X7 H
Application Format: Translator
* l: P  a; A+ q# h+ DForum name :& W# c0 }. U6 s( X1 {
Real Name :
1 @6 ~4 t2 w; B4 s$ }$ R4 v7 a# GGender :
0 h. x: I. J" _- ?/ Q, S4 FState/Country! g: |4 z% D( y0 m5 l; n7 _
Date of Birth :' |6 k/ K/ ~0 j; A+ P& C
6 M% a9 I' |" A! pNationality and languages Spoken :
9 M6 k1 E% l5 n% m$ M% @7 F3 bAny Online Marketing Exp or Exp with Computers : (any exp with computers means, programming/coding/ Graphics etc)
" P' \$ b6 k2 m, }% [- vTime and Hours committed for Job :   (please specify the most common time you are online with reference to pst clock)$ n2 j9 E0 N- E: l7 I% \0 A3 \+ @/ ?+ y3 f
Nationality and languages Spoken :
9 H8 Z" ^* z5 c. r7 lIP address :: G& p% e# \' [: d
4 A$ E5 w7 F+ n  hChat Client address if you use QQ and EMail ID :2 J9 c$ R8 z1 e1 U6 C$ V- L) _; C9 ?& ?# U* O
About Yourself :   ( A brief introduction about yourself ), W  o  v; M1 X. V4 E  x
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